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  • abort_afterFrom NMIS 8.6.8G there is a new command line option, abort_after, that prevents the main thread to run for a long time, preventing it to collide with the next cron job. By default, this parameter is 60 seconds, as the cron job is set to run every 60 minutes by default. 

    Also, this option needs to always have also the option mthreads=true. 

    Code Block
    nmis8/bin/ type=collect abort_after=60 mthread=true ignore_running=true;

  • maxnmis_threadmaxthreads or maxthreads: The other important configuration option is max_threadnmis_maxthreads, which is maxthreads on the command line, that will prevent the number of children of the main process to grow too big. Considerations:
    • If the collect operation has a lot of nodes to process, the number of children won't reach the limit instantly. While the main thread is forking, the children complete their jobs and will exit. Also, the main process will wait for them to change their state so the number will increase slowly.
    • NMIS can have more than one instance of the main process running, and the number of children could be higher that maxnmis_threadsmaxthreads, as the limit is only per instance.