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In this mode the dial represents the amount of resource consumption.  In the example below the CPU utilization for asgard is at 6%; a desirable and the dial is green. The memory usage of bne-server1 is at 94.1%; an undesirable condition and the dial is red.

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Interfaces View

To open the Interfaces View, select Views -> Interfaces from the opCharts menu bar. This view provides an easy-to-search list of all interfaces in your environment. From here, the user can drill down into the details of individual nodes and interfaces.

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Monitored Services View

To open the Monitored Services View, select Views -> Monitored Services from the opCharts menu bar. Services can be filtered by groups such as node status and group and as of opCharts 3.Image Removed2.2 you can do a search of the monitored services list.

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Dashboards View

To list all available Dashboards, select Views -> Dashboards from the opCharts menu bar. From there, the user can select to create a New Dashboard, and View/Edit/Delete an existing Dashboard.

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TopN View

The open the TopN View, select Views -> TopN from the opCharts menu bar. The TopN view is actually a collection, or predefined dashboard, comprised of six opCharts Components. Any of these TopN charts can each be added to a new or existing Dashboard (see: Dashboards for more information) to create custom views. 

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