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Who watches the watcher?  It is important when using a monitoring/management system that you know it is operational, with some level of beneficial recursion, NMIS supports many techniques for managing servers and applications.  You should ensure that something in your environment is watching NMIS.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents


NMIS can be used to monitor many services, including the services that it depends on itself. This can be useful in root cause analysis if NMIS has problems. Common services to monitor for opmantek servers are listed below, for up to date Service.nmis file you can go to  The team updated these services in the last 12 months to cover using HTTPS or HTTP and updated service process checks.

The current services shipping with NMIS9 at this time are:

  • NMIS9 WorkersMongodb
  • NMIS9 Scheduler
  • MongoDB
  • Opmantek Web Daemon
  • "OMK Stack HTTP" or "OMK Stack HTTPS"
  • SSL Expiry Check
  • opEvents Daemon
  • opConfig Daemon
  • opCharts Daemon


  • snmpd
  • mongod
  • omkd
  • nmisd
  • httpd or apache (or nginx)
  • crond


OpCharts requires the same services as NMIS, plus


OpFlow requires the same services as NMIS, plus:

  • opflodopflowd