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Note: as of opCharts 3.0.0, MongoDB is required, the installer will help you install/upgrade to the newest 3.X version.

Table of Contents

opCharts 3.3.2

Released Dec 5, 2018
opCharts 3.3.2 requires NMIS 8.6.2G


  • Metrics and Health component from NMIS can be added to a dashboard or be found under Views
  • Topological map rendering improvements
  • NMIS Locations and Groups are editable within opCore and opCharts under System.
  • New node editor which supports
    • SNMPv3 credentials
    • WMI credentials
    • Bulk updating of nodes
    • Editing of current nodes
    • Creation of new Nodes
    • Notes
      • Node collect is based on snmp_collect and wmi_collect, future NMIS versions will take these new flags into account.
      • Editing of nodes, locations and groups is editing the local NMIS config
      • Editing of nodes in opCore and opCharts updates opEvents and opConfig nodes collection if these products are installed, this is an always on behaviour
      • Creating or editing of nodes takes a couple of minutes to show up through opCharts
  • Outage Editor now supports selector
  • File management is now able to delete files
  • Event log viewer has been rewritten for speed and usability
  • New config option to force WebSockets over a certain port, needed for secure WebSockets and Apache socket proxy
    • websocket_proxy_port under opCommon
  • Create a real-time graph when viewing an interface, this creates a new collector using the current interfaces snmp index 
    • The default poller is a config option in opCommon.nmis opcharts_interface_graph_default_poller defaults to "Interface Utilisation - High Speed" on install
  • New colour for major events based on the NMIS8 major colour.
  • Certain node resources now prepend ifDescr
  • Node searching on all opCharts pages
    • Node searching uses AJAX, prefetching config option has been removed.
  • Go back button, when going between applications you can click the go-back button by the breadcrumbs
  • If a collector is collecting an interface its ifDescr will be shown in the collectors table.
  • When creating a new collector and the and the polling definition is for an interface you can quick search the selected nodes interfaces which will make it easier to find the snmp_index
  • Maps now have a button to refocus geo-maps


  • Giving read dashboard permissions to an RBAC user would only give access for the first component.
  • Spanish translation updated
  • Nodes view and topn view wrongly showed filter button.
  • Dashboards other than the default can be shown again on the home screen
  • Improved robustness and reduced external dependencies

opCharts 3.3.0

Released Aug 15, 2018

opCharts 3.3.0 requires NMIS 8.6.2G