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opCharts 3.3.6

To Be Released November 2729th, 2019
opCharts 3.3.6 requires NMIS 8.6.2G


  • Refreshed login screen for all OMK applications
  • Improved node searching speed, set nmisx_db_cache_enable => 1 in opCommon to take advantage of this.
  • Chart editor now supports negative number in the multiply field
  • Stacked charts can now display min/max/avg values for the sum of the stack
  • Caching of subnets has been improved to decrease the risk of the file being locked when it needs to be read.
  • Updated systemd compalbity for opmantek services, see more here.
  • Updated the logrotate script for systemd

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with update-subnet-dependancy
  • opCore Node editor was setting the wrong key for collect_snmp
  • Node editor logs the current user in the audit.log when node config is changed
  • Fixed issue where the failure flash message was not displayed
  • Fixed issue where monitored service graphs had no date-time value