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Released 2014-08-20

NOTE - Debian based distributions may receive an error when installing/upgrading about a missing perl package. This is safe to ignore and will be addressed in a future release.

NOTE - A new dependency exists for Linux installs, but is completely optional. If you have ipmitool installed, Discovery will use it to query the target machines. If they respond, they will be given a type of "remote access controller". There are two config items available to set the credentials. These are not (currently) displayed on the Discovery pages. 

The Dashboard for Open-AudIT Enterprise 1.4 - click for larger image.

NEW - Open-AudIT Enterprise - "Audit My PC" functionality on the login page now caters for Linux and OSX based machines.

NEW - Open-AudIT Enterprise - Extra Dashboard graph showing "Devices by Operating System".

NEW - Open-AudIT Enterprise - Added support to run all Open-AudIT reports (now 'queries', see below) in Open-AudIT Enterprise.

NEW - Open-AudIT Enterprise - Added Discover Active Directory functionality.

NEW - Open-AudIT Enterprise - Added a REST api. http://SERVER/omk/oae/nodes and http://SERVER/omk/oae/node_config_documents

NEW - Open-AudIT Enterprise - Log rotation of Open-AudIT log file.

IMPROVE - Open-AudIT Enterprise - Config editor theme.

IMPROVE - Open-AudIT Enterprise - Revised left menu including glyph icons.

BUG - Open-AudIT Enterprise - Modules drop down menu now correctly populating.

BUG - Open-AudIT Enterprise - Fixed IE11 rendering issue.

NEW - Open-AudIT / Open-AudIT Enterprise - Reset Open-AudIT Enterprise admin password from Open-AudIT.

NEW - Open-AudIT - Discovery cron script for Linux included, wiki page - How to Schedule Discovery using a script.

NEW - Open-AudIT - AIX audit script now included.

NEW - Open-AudIT - Processor Architecture included in most audit scripts and displayed on Device Details page.

NEW - Open-AudIT - Added retrieve and display hard disk firmware in Windows and OSX.

NEW - Open-AudIT - Added a script to test for common conditions of failing remote audits. Script is open-audit/other/test_windows_client.vbs and is designed to be run directly on the device with the issue. Details are on the wiki page - Target Client Configuration.

NEW - Open-AudIT - Statically (as much as possible) compiled winexe v1.1 included to successfully audit Win2012r2, Win8.1 from Linux.

IMPROVE - Open-AudIT - When a user has Open-AudIT Enterprise installed and puts in incorrect credentials on the Open-AudIT login page, we now redirect back to Open-AudIT login page, not Open-AudIT Enterprise.

IMPROVE - Open-AudIT - RSS feed is now cached for 24 hours.

IMPROVE - Open-AudIT - Better matching for 64bit machines in

IMPROVE - Open-AudIT - Added network interface alias to SNMP retrieval.

IMPROVE - Open-AudIT - Fixed jquery blank gif issue.

IMPROVE - Open-AudIT Added extra logging into m_system for setting a system key and finding a system. Added extra checks when finding a system to ensure system_id is not set each time.

IMPROVE - Open-AudIT - Added chassis, PDU, proxy and print server icon and default pictures and others to complete matching nmap device types.

IMPROVE - Open-AudIT - Added extra SNMP vendors/devices.

IMPROVE - Open-AudIT - Added extra items to db_maintenance page.

IMPROVE - Open-AudIT - Moved the list of valid device types from separate files into controllers/include_device_types. Everything should include/reference this file now (where required) for a single point of truth.

IMPROVE - Open-AudIT - Added extra link from ip -> network card. Now must match on mac address AND index.

IMPROVE - Open-AudIT - Added operating system icons to Installed Software report.

IMPROVE - Open-AudIT - Fix in netstat model for improved detection of Netstat result. Do not count a result if no protocol received.

IMPROVE - Open-AudIT - Added logging in m_system for key generation and matching.

IMPROVE - Open-AudIT - Renamed Reports to Queries in the menu items.


IMPROVE - Open-AudIT - Discovery output when using 'debug' has been much improved and standardised.


IMPROVE - Open-AudIT - Added extra error handling items when establishing connection to remote target in audit_windows.vbs.

IMPROVE - Open-AudIT - In audit_windows.vbs, fixed 'strcomputer' to localhost match (both should have been set to lowercase). Added extra debugging output. Cleaned up username / password / host matching and inserted only attempt to connect to remote if online or ping target = n.


IMPROVE - Open-AudIT - Added 'asset number' to report for Device Hardware as per forum request.


IMPROVE - Open-AudIT - Added an exception when checking network cards on device = computer because computer device index != snmp device index on network cards.


IMPROVE - Open-AudIT - Added Synology NAS snmp support (model, serial, DSM version) and model images.


IMPROVE - Open-AudIT - Added OSX nmap detection in windows discover subnet script.


IMPROVE - Open-AudIT - Changing to 'dev' mode by default for 1.4 to hopefully encourage users to post bug reports. Using Dev mode will show the actual error versus a blank screen if in Production mode in OAC.


IMPROVE - Open-AudIT - Audit OSX added disk and partition information.

IMPROVE - Open-AudIT - Show more command output when debugging on Linux for Discovery.


IMPROVE - Open-AudIT - Revised and standardised help text in scripts.


IMPROVE - Open-AudIT - Removed IPMI detection from discovery shell scripts. Function now in discovery controller. Linux only at this stage.


IMPROVE - Open-AudIT - Removed 'Virtual Systems' group from sql create script and the Group definitions. Inserted Virtual Hosts and Virtual Guests as per standard Groups. Revised description in Virtual Guests definition and excluded devices where os name contains ESX.

BUG - Open-AudIT - Fix for OS Date Installation not being shown on device details (v_display_inc_blocks).

BUG - Open-AudIT - Fix for 'pound' input/display for manual fields. All UTF8 characters should be OK.

BUG - Open-AudIT - Fix credentials not showing in device view.

BUG - Open-AudIT - Fixed incorrect custom field display. Simply copy/paste error. view_summary_phone div was including view_summary_purchase custom fields.

BUG - Open-AudIT - Fixed resetting icon function bug. When a device is audited it will no longer over write a manually selected icon.

BUG - Open-AudIT - Fixed a couple of icon assignment strings (replacing spaces with underscores in the filename).

BUG - Open-AudIT - Fixed discover_subnet.vbs to echo the output correctly for when running from GUI using debug. Now correctly generate end 'device' which triggers the temp row delete.

BUG - Open-AudIT - As per forum post, fixed bug in audit_windows for SQL Express.

BUG - Open-AudIT - Mask password if config set on Discover Active Directory page.

BUG - Open-AudIT - Fixed ajax controller to test if masking for passwords should be used and if so, return a string same length as the input password, but all characters are *.

BUG - Open-AudIT - Added password masking to javascript instantEdit is set in config.