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This is where things get more interesting.  First I will show you the default escalation table that ships with NMIS8, then we will look at it more closely to understand what it is doing.

The entries in this this table define notification details for an event: who to notify, how to notify them and when that notification should happen.  Any matching line will cause the escalations in that line to be applied.  When a column is set as default, any value for that column is considered matching.  Let's take a look at the first line which matches all events:

Each of the values for Group, Role, Type and Event are set to default.  This This means any event that happens in any group in any role of any type will trigger this event.  This is a catch-all event, if your network is small and there is a low number of events this could be all you need, if your network is large and creates a lot of events this may end up being useless.