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This solution leverages the nocSyslog.nmis from the related solution NMIS Events sent to IBM Tivoli Netcool using syslog solution.


  • every X period of time, 5-15 minutes they want to collect the average interface utilisation for every interface being collected
  • the average input and output interface utilisation will be calculated for the last X period of time 5 mins to X hours
  • the highest utilisation of input or output will be selected, this is the interface utilisation
  • the interface utilisation will be compared to a threshold level (should this be static or multi-level, e.g. just use the existing NMIS threshold values or other values)
  • if the interface utilisation exceeds the threshold a special NOC event will be created.
  • this can be the same as the existing NMIS events, but it needs to include the group name for the node
  • all the regular features of NMIS interface alerts are excepted, which would include adding the interface description, bandwidth of the interface and the values of the threshold.