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Open-AudIT Enterprise - Changed - Replaced the Excel Discovery Schedule upload with CSV upload. Works with default Excel created CSV.
Open-AudIT Enterprise - Improve - Better retrieval of Open-AudIT Server ip for default network address in Discovery form.
Open-AudIT Enterprise - Improve - All reports validated against Open-AudIT.
Open-AudIT Enterprise - Improve - Added link on Service Name as well as Service Display Name because Linux doesn't return Service Display Name.
Open-AudIT Enterprise - Improve - Add link on device details to device in NMIS.
Open-AudIT Enterprise - Improve - Search improvements. Extend search fields to include domain and fqdn. Add fields to the result page domain, fqdn, man_type, man_os_family.
Open-AudIT Enterprise - Improve - Break-up Open-AudIT Configuration into distinct pages (Basic, Discovery, Advanced, All).
Open-AudIT Enterprise - Improve - All requests from OAE to OAC are made by POST now (instead of a mix of POST and GET).
Open-AudIT Enterprise - New - Add Group in Open-AudIT and config option in Open-AudIT Enterprise to only manage in Enterprise, devices in that particular group.
Open-AudIT Enterprise - New - Added RSS feed.
Open-AudIT Enterprise - New - Add Help -> About page.
Open-AudIT Enterprise - New - Show alert for any unset or incorrectly set configuration items on the Dashboard.
Open-AudIT Enterprise - Bug Fix - CRUD Shceduled Tasks fixed.
Open-AudIT Enterprise - Bug Fix - Installed Software -> Specific Software links fixed.
Open-AudIT Enterprise - Bug Fix - Edit config was breaking. Fixed.

Open-AudIT - New - user settable logo.
Open-AudIT - Improve - TP-Link DD-WRT based devices and also SNMP devices all return TP-Link Technologies for a manufacturer (consistently).
Open-AudIT - Improve - Linux audit retrieves NFS mounts.
Open-AudIT - Improve - Many files now validate as PSR2 standard PHP.
Open-AudIT - Improve - OSX audit changed submit mechanism in the script.
Open-AudIT - Improve - Windows audit now retrieves mapped drives.
Open-AudIT - Improve - Reimplement a function to determine the initial ip address of a device.
Open-AudIT - Improve - Added config item for page refresh time (set to 0 for no refresh).
Open-AudIT - Improve - Encrypt default credentials in oa_config database table.
Open-AudIT - Improve - Added attribute called oae_manage that can be used in combination with a group defintion (also supplied by not activtated called "Open-AudIT Enterprise Managed Devices") to easily manage devices in this specific group in Enterprise.
Open-AudIT - Improve - Set device icon now automatically done. Not user settable. Based on Type, then OS.
Open-AudIT - Improve - Search for device name or ip address on home page.
Open-AudIT - Improve - ESX audit improved network card and ip address data.
Open-AudIT - Improve - Login redirection improved.
Open-AudIT - Improve - Linux support added support for bonded network cards.
Open-AudIT - Improve - Added into Help -> Support page config object and user session object.
Open-AudIT - Improve - In import device details spreadsheet, if non-manual field is set, also update manual field. IE - if manufacturer is provided, overwrite man_manufacturer.
Open-AudIT - Improve - Consolidate all user logon function into a single function called everywhere required.
Open-AudIT - Improve - Discover Subnet script added extra NMAP command line options to improve scanning time.
Open-AudIT - New - Retrieve SNMP Entity MIB details and store attributes (think Cisco modules).
Open-AudIT - New - Internal user data now combined into a single function and object.
Open-AudIT - New - user settable logo.
Open-AudIT - New - Internal config data combined into a single function and object.
Open-AudIT - Bug Fix - Port detection in use for Windows Installer. Was being used but not shown.
Open-AudIT - Bug Fix - $style variable was undefined. Replaced with $log->style.
Open-AudIT - Bug Fix - Linux audit retrieval of Suse OS Name was split across multiple lines. Make OS Name into a single line (the first line).