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Released 20162015-06-08


NOTE - In 1.8 we have enabled Open-AudIT as an authentication source for Open-AudIT Enterprise. Currently this is only editable via the config file (omk/conf/opCommon.nmis). All users that are authenticated by Open-AudIT will be logged in to Open-AudIT Enterprise and have all available Enterprise functionality available to them - including all Admin level functions. We plan to implement role based access in an upcoming version of Open-AudIT so your non-Admin level users can use Open-AudIT Enterprise safely. For the Linux users, this authentication method is not enabled by default when you upgrade. Please edit /usr/local/omk/conf/opCommon.nmis and insert "openaudit" as auth_method_2 (or later) to enable it. Windows users should have it auto-enabled upon install. To disable it go to c:\omk\cong\opCommon.nmis and remove the string "openaudit" from the list of auth_method's.