1. Vincent Bastos

    Hi Oliver,

    Did Mark's answer below help you solve your problem?

    Vincent B.

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    Hello Olivier,

    First off, please make sure you are working with the most recent release of opConfig. you can download the most recent version directly form our website:https://opmantek.com/network-tools-download/

    Once you are using the most recent release, please make sure that the device in question has been added to opConfig, a license assigned to it, and that a Transport and Credential set have been selected and tested. Detailed instructions for these steps can be found on the Opmantek Wiki: opConfig User Manual

    Finally, if it turns out opConfig does not support your device right out of the box fear not, you can easily add it yourself by following the instructions found HERE: Adding a New Device to be Supported By opConfig


    Mark H

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