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The set of data fields shown on the node details view can be adjusted to suit your needs:

  • it is possible to add custom fields to the view,
  • existing fields can be hidden,
  • and the order of fields can be rearranged.

The node view details are controlled by the key network_viewNode_field_list in Config.nmis, which holds a comma-separated list of field names. The default looks like this (except for line breaks):

'network_viewNode_field_list' => 'status,sysName,host_addr,group,customer,location,businessService,

The order of field names controls the display ordering, and any fields that you remove from the list will no longer be displayed. Please note that field names are case-sensitive, and any unrecognized field names are ignored.

You can also add extra fields that you've defined as per the Custom Tables in NMIS instructions.


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