Option Overview

Some administrators may want to install NMIS in a location other than the default of /usr/local/nmis8.  This is possible by telling the installer about the desired location and making a few other changes to the NMIS environment.  For this example we'll assume the desired location is /opt/opmantek/nmis.

Installer Site Option

bash /tmp/nmis8.6.4G.run -- site=/opt/opmantek/nmis

Remove Default Location

At the time of this writing the installer will create both the custom location and the default location.  We can simply remove the unnecessary default location.

rm -rf /usr/local/nmis8

Configure NMIS to Utilize the New Custom Location

/opt/opmantek/nmis/admin/patch_config.pl -b /opt/opmantek/nmis/conf/Config.nmis /directories/\<nmis_base\>=/opt/opmantek/nmis

Create the Apache Configuration

### CentOS 7 example
/opt/opmantek/nmis/bin/nmis.pl type=apache24 > /etc/httpd/conf.d/nmis.conf

Create the NMIS Cron Jobs

/opt/opmantek/nmis/bin/nmis.pl type=crontab system=true > /etc/cron.d/nmis

Configure NMIS

/opt/opmantek/nmis/bin/nmis.pl type=config

Fix Any Permissions Issues


Restart the httpd Service

service httpd restart


At this point NMIS should be functional the the GUI accessible.

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