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NMIS9 will look in /usr/local/nmis9/conf for configuration files.  If a required file is not found there it will use the file found in /usr/local/nmis9/conf-default.  

By default several required files will not be found in /usr/local/nmis9/conf.  Administrators should not edit files in /usr/local/nmis9/conf-default; instead they should copy the file to /usr/local/nmis9/conf and edit it there.  Future upgrades will overwrite files in /usr/local/nmis9/conf-default and provide warnings to the administrator if settings are different in the /usr/local/nmis9/conf directory.

The files found in /usr/local/nmis9/conf-default are somewhat similar in concept to the NMIS8 /usr/local/nmis8/install directory.  The big differences being that all required files were in /usr/local/nmis8/conf and NMIS8 never looked for configuration in the /usr/local/nmis8/install directory.

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