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NMIS 9 Release Notes

Groups are a central concept to NMIS

  • Every node is required to be assigned to a group
  • User authorisation to view a node is based on groups
  • Metrics are calculated per group
  • Nodes may be viewed or listed per group
  • Nodes may be exported per group
  • Nodes may be deleted per group

Group membership is assigned at node creation time.

Notice the group section is comprised of two different input fields. The first one is a drop box containing all the currently configured groups. If the Node's group is not in this drop down box, we can enter a new group value in the text box below it.

If it's desirable to not display a certain group to any user of the GUI we may invoke the 'Hide Groups' feature. This is available from the NMIS9 top menu bar by selecting System->System Configuration->Hide Groups. 

Note: You can select group visibility on a per user basis using the Users table's group field (Users.nmis file) as in previous versions.

The member nodes of a hidden group will still be collected on, but they will not be visible via the GUI to any user.

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