I have multiple devices that come on/offline episodically.  I would like to have a group to put all these nodes in but not have it calculate in the overall health metrics but still be able to tell when one pops up online.   

Is there away to accomplish this? 

Thank you

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      Hi Mark,

      This is a very interesting idea! Currently, this functionality does not exist in NMIS. 

      We currently have a fixed roadmap but custom development is available. NMIS is open source you're free to dig into the code and make it do what you want, we are happy to accept PR's!

      If you are interested in digging into the code, I would start with (this is basically the callstack):

      cgi-bin/network.pl – sub selectNetworkView
      cgi-bin/network.pl – sub getSummaryStatsbyGroup
      lib/NMISNG/NetworkStatus.pm – sub getGroupSummary
      lib/NMSING.pm – sub grouped_node_summary

      All in our repo at: https://github.com/Opmantek/nmis9

      One last idea if you'd just like to hide them (it may still be included in the overall metrics) is to use the config item network_summary_maxgroups to total groups - 1 and name your group with ZZZ at the end so it does not appear.

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