This vulnerability affects all installations of Open-AudIT prior to version 2.2.

A patched version of Open-AudIT (2.2) will be made available from and

Users are advised to upgrade ASAP when 2.2 is released.


A vulnerability affecting the web view files is caused because of insufficient output escaping. The vulnerability requires an Admin level user to purposely insert javascript into a field that can be displayed in the web pages. This issue has been addressed by a review of all web view files in Open-AudIT Professional & Enterprise to ensure all output is sufficiently escaped before being sent to the browser.

Severity: Low

The conditions of successful exploitation are that the attacker must have Admin level access to Open-AudIT and maliciously insert javascript code to a field that is (was) not correctly escaped prior to browser output.

Products Affected

Open-AudIT Professional and Enterprise 2.1 and earlier. Open-AudIT Community is not affected by this vulnerability.

Available Updates

A patch for the issue described in this bulletin is available in the soon to be released Open-AudIT v2.2. This release will be available shortly from and

Workarounds and Mitigations

Upgrade to Open-AudIT 2.2.

The vulnerability was addressed by Opmantek and upgrading to Open-AudIT 2.2 will include this fix and remove the vulnerability. 

The preferred method of mitigation is an upgrade to Open-AudIT 2.2.

If you are affected and require a patch ASAP, please contact Opmantek Support via your regular support channel.

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