Please ensure you read the release notes for 1.12.2 as that build was not made publically available. There have been some important changes that may require actions from you in order to continue to use Open-AudIT.

Release Notes for Open-AudIT v1.12.2



Open-AudIT Enterprise - New Feature - Added ability on device details screen to select multiple sections and output to CSV or back onto the screen.

Open-AudIT Enterprise - New Feature - Added ability to search for and select multiple devices, then select multiple details sections and output to CSV or the screen.

Open-AudIT Enterprise - New Feature - Added ability to select multiple groups and multiple reports and output all results to a single CSV.


Open-AudIT - Improve - Added exception for Admin level users to specify any group they like when running a report.

Open-AudIT - Bug - Fixed mismatched org -> group id and location -> group id when initial setup occurs.

Open-AudIT - Improve - In the linux audit script, excluded some user dependant environment variables. Replaced cat'ing the /etc/hostname file with 'hostname -s' for hostname and -d for domain.

Open-AudIT - Improve - Revised (local Windows) printer logic. Win32_Printer does NOT provide good/expected data. Removed a lot of code that attempts to work around this, which was broken because Win32_Printer has changed. Rather than play a constant game of catch-up, we report what Win32_Printer gives us and don't attempt to determine network printers v local printers and actual network printers details. Network printers will be found by Discovery. Win32_Printer is used for local print queues.

Open-AudIT - Improve - Removed the ping server test before the actual audit runs in audit scripts. Worst case, the audit submit fails (ie, this code was not required). Some customers have ping disabled so this was required to be able to submit.

Open-AudIT - Improve - Removed the 'owner' option of group category when creating a group as this option no longer exists. 1.12.4 moves all owner groups to org groups.

Open-AudIT - Improve - Revised Installed Flash report definition.

Open-AudIT - Improve - Added report description to retrieved reports for OAE. When adding a report, also add the description (was not added previously).

Open-AudIT - Improve - Only display warning about long DB upgrade times if we're less than version 1.10.

Open-AudIT - Improve - Revised group definition for Default Org and added an 'org' icon.

Open-AudIT - Improve - Revised report definitions to always be id, hostname (where device focused) in the SQL select statement. Makes better (consistent) reading when exported to CSV, JSON, etc.

Open-AudIT - Improve - On report pages, only create the popup when the column name is hostname in the reports.

Open-AudIT - Improve - Retrieve linux group info in

Open-AudIT - Improve - Added new icons for server and server item.

Open-AudIT - Improve - Added change and edit log to devices API.

Open-AudIT - Improve - Added partitions to dataset returned from devices API.

Open-AudIT - Bug - Fixed bug (search typo from Sublime) in

Open-AudIT - Improve - Fixed an issue with nmap and discovery across routers when ping response is disabled on the target. We now do not rely on a ping response and examine every IP for open ports. If ping is disabled but a device is listening on a port, we will discover it.

Open-AudIT - Bug - Fixed an issue with a Windows password containing a $ sign (and not being escaped by escapeshellarg) in Discovery.

Open-AudIT - Bug - Fixed an exposed password in debugging on-screen and log.

Open-AudIT - Bug - Fixed duplicate groups being created upon subnet discovery submission.

Open-AudIT - Bug - Fixed typo in discovery when we need to create a network group.

Open-AudIT - Improve - Revised some code in the input helper to filter out {id} when it's actually a reserved word (create, update, delete, edit, execute).

Open-AudIT - Improve - Added debug output for components when SNMP scanning an individual device.

Open-AudIT - Improve - Added Ruckus devices SNMP helper.

Open-AudIT - Improve - Added extra check for matching columns when processing a component and reindexed the dns entries array upon return.

Open-AudIT - Bug - Fixed typo on help screen of

Open-AudIT - Improve - Fixed typo in m_devices_components for creating network details (removed space, inserted slash).



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