IMPORTANT CHANGES - please read.

We have introduced a new feature we're calling "Blessed Subnets". Please have a read of the feature page here - Blessed Subnets.

Executive Summary

We have introduced the Blessed Subnets feature.

We now support MariaDB on RedHat / Centos 7.

We explicitly do not support Ubuntu 16.04 (PHP 7 issues).

Windows upgrades now automatically backup the MySQL database before upgrading.

NOTE - If running on Windows 2012r2 there is an issue with scheduled tasks. This will be addressed in a future update.


Open-AudIT Enterprise - Improve - Installer now supports RedHat 7 and Centos 7.

Open-AudIT Enterprise - Improve - Move to HighCharts 4 to avoid browser timezone versus server timezone issues when displaying results from a graph.

Open-AudIT Enterprise - Improve - Windows installer now automatically takes a backup of the database before upgrading.

Open-AudIT Enterprise - Improve - Added location and org to Enterprise Discovery pages.

Open-AudIT Enterprise - Improve - Fixed credential display on device details page.

Open-AudIT - Bugfix - Remove foreign key constraint from sys_man_additional_fields

Open-AudIT - New -  Added facter command (puppet) to the linux audit. Stores data in the variables table.

Open-AudIT - Improve - Added timeout patch supplied by customer mainly for Linux OA server connecting to Win target in Discovery.

Open-AudIT - Bugfix - Reformat and match Windows serial to a UUID from guest to ESX host when inserting or updated a device.

Open-AudIT - Bugfix - Added skipping of any lines starting with # in the audit_linux script when retrieving the uuid, manufacturer, model, serial number and form factor to avoid the 

Open-AudIT - Improve - Added dbus identifier (does not require root) to audit linux, database, discovery and find_system.

Open-AudIT - New - Added support for only accepting audit results from blessed subnet ranges.

Open-AudIT - New - Added support for CRUDing networks for use in Blessed Subnet feature.

Open-AudIT - Bugfix - Added a missing title to the optical drive section of the device details view.

Open-AudIT - Improve - Revised commands in OSX audit to better retrieve hostname and domain.

Open-AudIT - Improve - Revised SQL structure for oa_org and oa_locations tables. Now in line with the standard structure going forward. (oa_org.org_id ->, etc, etc).

Open-AudIT - Improve - Added existing device location and org values to discovery page when discovering an individual device.

Open-AudIT - Bugfix - Bug fix as reported on Opmantek Questions ste. Was double XML escaping environment variables when they contained a character that required escaping.





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