New Features

Configuration options for device matching

Now in the configuration section, there are options for improved matching of a submitted device details and those already in the database. The options are quite self explanatory. If it's a single attribute and it matches, the devices are considered to be the same device. If the option is for multiple attributes, all specified attributes must match before the devices are considered to be the same.

Some points of interest.

The dus_id (under Linux) is supposed to be a unique field. Unfortunately when a Linux machine is cloned under VMware (and likely other hypervisors) this unique id is not recreated. System Administrators should do this, but it appears not many do and we end up with false positive matches occurring. This was not an option prior to 1.14.2, but now is.

VMware (at least on the desktop) can also provide issue's for us with Mac Addresses. If multiple desktops have VMware Workstation (or Fusion) installed, VMware tends to use the same bunch of Mac Addresses across machines. In theory this should be fine (for VMware) because these machines are on different networks. Obviously for Open-AudIT this presents an issue when we match machines based on Mac Address. hence the option for match_mac_vmware. Leave this at 'n' to prevent this occurring.

The available options for matching devices are: match_dbus, match_fqdn, match_hostname, match_hostname_dbus, match_hostname_serial, match_hostname_uuid, match_ip, match_mac, match_mac_vmware, match_serial, match_serial_type





Change Log

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