Released 2014-04-24

Initially this is a Windows release with the Linux release to follow soon after.

The Windows upgrade is a simple next, next, next, done install to upgrade your existing Open-AudIT install.

NEW - Open-AudIT Enterprise - Log Viewer now added.

NEW - Open-AudIT Enterprise - Discovery form moved from Open-AudIT to Open-AudIT Enterprise.

NEW - Open-AudIT Enterprise - debug level added to conf file.

NEW - Open-AudIT Enterprise - Additional History reports added. Now includes Services, Software and Netstat Ports. Extra reports for "full" history and "delta" (first / last) audit history.

NEW - Open-AudIT Enterprise - Added a link to the Community version (Open-AudIT) on the license entry page.

IMPROVE - Open-AudIT Enterprise - Remove padding of ip address when shown.

IMPROVE - Open-AudIT Enterprise - Added a check to the locations report so only locations with a lat/long are returned. Without a lat/long, Google Maps breaks.

IMPROVE - Open-AudIT Enterprise - Easier license entry page.

IMPROVE - Open-AudIT Enterprise - Updated Bootstrap and jQuery components.

IMPROVE - Open-AudIT Enterprise - Maps now auto center and zoom.

NEW - Open-AudIT - Initial support for Spanish (edit a User and select this language).

NEW - Open-AudIT - Added descriptions to reports. These appear on the Activate Report page. They are not stored in the database.

NEW - Open-AudIT - Added a Group for virtualisation hosts.

NEW - Open-AudIT - Added groups for deleted, retired and maintenance status systems.

NEW - Open-AudIT - Added options to delete 'deleted', 'retired', 'maintenance' status devices separately as opposed to simply all non-production devices on the Database Maintenance page.

NEW - Open-AudIT - Added support for physical / cores / logical CPUs in Windows (Vista an onwards) and Linux audit scripts and processing, database, display, etc.

NEW - Open-AudIT - Added device types Chassis, Point of Sale and Web Cache.

NEW - Open-AudIT - Added a popup window to select a device icon instead of a text box on the device details screens.

NEW - Open-AudIT - Added a Unix Group.

IMPROVE - Open-AudIT - Added netstat option to Create a Windows Audit Script GUI form.

IMPROVE - Open-AudIT - Renamed the virtualised guests group.

IMPROVE - Open-AudIT - Changed the tick box to TRUE at end of Windows installer so Open-AudIT browser page now shows by default.

IMPROVE - Open-AudIT - Added support for retrieving multiple ip addresses on a SNMP discovered device. Should eliminate erroneous duplicate devices being created.

FIX - Open-AudIT - Error checking for IIS folder in audit_windows.vbs.

FIX - Open-AudIT - Fixed bug with software package name escaping in

FIX - Open-AudIT - Related to above, fixed major bug regarding software duplication and alerts.

FIX - Open-AudIT - Bug in netstat os detection in audit_windows fixed.

FIX - Open-AudIT - Remove url encoded + before saving XML file in Issue in wget in Wget removes the plus symbol and replaces it with a space upon --post-data or --post-file submit.

FIX - Open-AudIT - Fixed error for Alerting. Final function in most models is the alert function for that particular model. Much simpler SQL now.

FIX - Open-AudIT - Password masking in config edit page fixed.

FIX - Open-AudIT - Ongoing RedHat fixes for

FIX - Open-AudIT - Added escaping the $ character in submitted details so bash won't substitute it when attempting to run audit domain.

FIX - Open-AudIT - Windows Server Group definition error (man_os_family was in the list of attributes to be displayed, but not in the SQL to be retrieved from the database).

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