Released 2014-05-01

This is the next version release for Linux after 1.2.1. Don't forget to review the release notes for 1.3 as all changes have been included for the 1.3.1 release. 

NOTE - This version is not compatible with Debian (or Debian based distributions). We are working to correct this ASAP. v1.2.1 is still available on the downloads pages until we resolve this.

IMPROVE - Open-AudIT - Retrieve software publisher details in

IMPROVE - Open-AudIT - Removed text box for icon from system_display, computer - not required as we now have a selectable icon picker.

IMPROVE - Open-AudIT - Added 'unknown' to the list of selectable device types.

IMPROVE - Open-AudIT - Added code to check and update MAC address when returned from a discovery.

IMPROVE - Open-AudIT - Added German and French lang files. Updated Portuguese and Spanish.

IMPROVE - Open-AudIT - updated with forum contributed Adobe product detection and my processor physical, core, logical counts.

BUG - Open-AudIT - Bug when importing from spreadsheet fixed.

BUG - Open-AudIT - There was a bug in the calculation of installed memory on OSX systems in the script. Fixed.

BUG - Open-AudIT Enterprise - Testing showed a bug in system_display. Bug was in SQL retrieval of details in Open-AudIT. We were retrieving two fields with identical names (system_id and hostname) to enable linked systems to be shown. Fixed.

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