The major new features we have in 1.5 include Advanced Filtering and Scheduling Tasks - both of these are in Open-AudIT Enterprise (OAE) and work regardless of your server running Windows or Linux.

Advanced Filtering will allow you to filter a Report in OAE based on the existing columns. You can filter against any attribute with a value and a condition of Equals, Does Not Equal or Like. Much improved over the basic filter in/out of Open-AudIT Community (OAC).

Task Scheduling allows you to configure OAE to run a Discovery or a Report at a given hour on a given day of the week.

You can now simply and easily get a Report emailed to you in your chosen format. IE - Each Monday at 10am send me the Report "Devices Discovered in the Last 7 Days", in Excel format. You will need to configure your email settings OAE -> Menu Bar -> System -> Email. Once you've done that, you can configure Scheduled Tasks at OAE -> Menu Bar -> System -> Setup Scheduled Tasks.

You can also schedule Discovery on a subnet / day of the week / hour of the day basis.

We also have ESXi auditing over SSH now. If you have SSH credentials to an ESXi host, the Discovery process will copy the script to the target, then SSH to the target and run it with 'echo_output' set to 'y'. This will essentially echo the resulting audit XML back into the SSH session, which PHP will then process. Unfortunately it wasn't as simple as the Linux audit scripts because ESXi comes with BusyBox, but unfortunately the supplied 'wget' has the 'upload data via post' functionality removed. Essentially there is no way for us to run a script and (from the ESXi machine itself) upload the data to Open-AudIT :-( Needless to say we have it working, but I will need feedback about real world use. Also note that the Discovery on an ESXi machine may well take longer than what you're used to. In my testing it only takes a couple of minutes, but still... if you see an ESXi machine after running Discovery and it doesn't seem fully populated, give it a little while and check it again. We have yet to add local disks to the ESXi script.

Because of the way we retrieve software information from RedHat based systems, you 'might' see quite a few alerts of new software installed if you upgrade an older instance.

BUG - Open-AudIT - When adding or editing a Location, the javascript to get the lat/long from Google has been fixed.
BUG - Open-AudIT - The command lsb_release does not exist on default RedHat installs but was being used in
BUG - Open-AudIT - The correct logo was not being displayed (Community or Enterprise) when a user had a valid license key.
BUG - Open-AudIT - The Download or Display option was not triggering correctly when viewing queries.
BUG - Open-AudIT - Disk firmware detection caters for Windows XP/2003 now (they don't support it).
BUG - Open-AudIT - Fixed value retrieval of Mac Addresses using SNMP.
IMPROVEMENT - Open-AudIT - Listing Organisations now includes the default organisation.
IMPROVEMENT - Open-AudIT - Add 'winexe' to the list of services that we ignore for changes.
IMPROVEMENT - Open-AudIT - NetStat dynamic and unprivileged ports (ports > 1024) now excluded from alerting.
IMPROVEMENT - Open-AudIT - Linux disk auditing now happening.
IMPROVEMENT - Open-AudIT - No need to manually set timezone for PHP any more.
IMPROVEMENT - Open-AudIT - AIX audit enabled in Discovery.
IMPROVEMENT - Open-AudIT - ESXi audit enabled in Discovery.
IMPROVEMENT - Open-AudIT - RedHat based software was including a shortened version number. Improved to include a full release number as per Debian, etc.
IMPROVEMENT - Open-AudIT - Major code cleanup in the script.
IMPROVEMENT - Open-AudIT - No need to escape characters in passwords passed via GET / POST.
IMPROVEMENT - Open-AudIT - Added query definition to easily export devices to Excel.
IMPROVEMENT - Open-AudIT - Added extra SNMP OIDs (Nortel, TP-Link, Hitachi, etc).

BUG - Open-AudIT Enterprise - JSON API was sending multiple network interfaces when they did not exist.
IMPROVEMENT - Open-AudIT Enterprise - Email SASL option removed. Use TLS instead.
IMPROVEMENT - Open-AudIT Enterprise - Installer now enables NMIS if detected.
IMPROVEMENT - Open-AudIT Enterprise - 'Specific Report' names now show correctly.
IMPROVEMENT - Open-AudIT Enterprise - Added option to test email settings.
IMPROVEMENT - Open-AudIT Enterprise - Move 'export' option to table panel header (next to Advanced Filter).
IMPROVEMENT - Open-AudIT Enterprise - Enable Advance Filter in table panel header.
IMPROVEMENT - Open-AudIT Enterprise - Task Scheduling from Systems menu.

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