Open-AudIT 1.5.2 introduces the ability to view the full device information directly in Open-AudIT Enterprise. No need to jump back and forth between applications!


BUG - Open-AudIT - Linux audit script now escapes the username retrieved from /etc/passwd.

BUG - Open-AudIT - Login page uses favicon.png instead of the (long removed) favicon.ico.

BUG - Open-AudIT - SNMP version now included when exporting to NMIS.

IMPROVEMENT - Open-AudIT - Discovery now retrieves basic information from DD-WRT and Ubiquiti devices.

IMPROVEMENT - Open-AudIT - Device Details now contains a flag to export to NMIS. Once 'ticked', the device will show on the "Export to NMIS" list preselected. If a device is selected for export on the "Export to NMIS" page, the device will have this field 'ticked'.

IMPROVEMENT - Open-AudIT Enterprise - Device Details screen now available and linked instead of System Summary. Basic layout and functionality is similar to Open-AudIT with a left side expandable menu.

IMPROVEMENT - Open-AudIT Enterprise - On the Device Details screen, if the device has been flagged for Export to NMIS (see above), a link will appear on the screen to view the device in NMIS.

IMPROVEMENT - Open-AudIT Enterprise - Discovery now populates the local server address even if not set in the Open-AudIT config.

IMPROVEMENT - Open-AudIT Enterprise - All pages show a warning and log if they cannot retrieve the menu list of reports from Open-AudIT.

IMPROVEMENT - Open-AudIT Enterprise - Task pages now display extra 'help' and 'tooltip' text. Hover over icons and page text now working as intended.

IMPROVEMENT - Open-AudIT Enterprise - Discovery page now shows an alert if Nmap not installed or has not had its GUID set.




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