NOTE - When upgrading the linux version for this release, the installer script will throw a warning about a checksum mismatch for one particular file (device_details.html.ap). Please reply 'y' to this and everything will complete as expected. Linux users may also see two PHP warnings when they initially run the database upgrade page in Open-AudIT Community. Please ignore these as they have been fixed for the next release and will not appear once your database has been upgraded to 1.5.3.


Open-AudIT Enterprise - New - Ability to upload an Excel spreadsheet containing Discovery Schedule.
Open-AudIT Enterprise - New - Add page to edit Open-AudIT Configuration.

Open-AudIT Enterprise - Bug Fix - Advanced Filter was only working on the 'last' line item provided.
Open-AudIT Enterprise - Bug Fix - Export a report after applying an Advanced Filter now works.

Open-AudIT Enterprise - Improve - Dashboard graphs now drill down to correct device types or os details.
Open-AudIT Enterprise - Improve - Use a combined css and js file(s) instead of multiple separate files.
Open-AudIT Enteprrise - Improve - Make text input boxes consistent width on forms.
Open-AudIT Enterprise - Improve - Split menu for reports to Queries and Reports. All Open-AudIT queries into Queries menu and all Open-AudIT Enterprise specific reports into Reports menu.
Open-AudIT Enterprise - Improve - Only show 'production' devices in graphs on dashboard.
Open-AudIT Enterprise - Improve - Links in Maps open new tab to Open-AudIT.

Open-AudIT - Bug Fix - Filter serial and man_serial from JSON when converting to a number. PHP has a bug in it's JSON routine that attempts to convert strings such "1234E567" to a number. This causes an error. Found a string such as this in a serial number.
Open-AudIT - Bug Fix - Prevent display of SSH target password in 'ps' when running Discovery.
Open-AudIT - Bug Fix - When hostname instead of ip address or subnet supplied to Discovery, do not attempt to match on ip address.
Open-AudIT - Bug Fix - audit osx script improvement to filter numbers based on foreign location setting.
Open-AudIT - Bug fix - prevent duplicate groups being created when a location or organisation is edited.

Open-AudIT - Improve - Add attribute 'windows workgroup' as distinct from 'windows domain'. Do not populate domain with workgroup - populate workgroup.
Open-AudIT - Improve - Auto-refresh page at 5 minute interval. Prevent client being logged out.
Open-AudIT - Improve - Added to location group creation. If an SNMP sysLocation field (lower cased) contains the Open-AudIT location name (lower cased) assign that device to the locations group.
Open-AudIT - Improve - Add the column 'domain' to all auto-generated group listings (network groups, location groups, etc).
Open-AudIT - Improve - Logging. Add a log level (0-7) and a log type field (syslog or json) to the configuration. Default to log level 5 and syslog style. Add a log for access. Add a log for system. Stop using historical open-audit.log.
Open-AudIT - Improve - Logging - log all access (rather than only admin level) when log level set to 6 or higher (still log admin access at default level of 5).
Open-AudIT - Improve - Audit Linux. Replace function cidr2mask for netmask with a shell agnostic function. Replace [[ with [ where possible.
Open-AudIT - Improve - Detect DD-WRT if SNMP sysDescription contains "DD-WRT".
Open-AudIT - Improve - Added more SNMP definitions.
Open-AudIT - Improve - Add all credential fields to 'bulk update' screen.
Open-AudIT - improve - Add checkbox to run Discovery upon submit on 'bulk update' screen.
Open-AudIT - Improve - Add SQL Server versions to PHP model code.
Open-AudIT - Improve - Add extra logging for Active Directory login.
Open-AudIT - Improve - Group partition alerts by hostname + mount point.
Open-AudIT - Improve - audit linux now detects connection speed.

Open-AudIT - Change - set all device types to LOWER() upon database upgrade.

Both - Improve - Add fields latitude, lonitude, service contract number and lease expiration date to the system table so they can be set on an individual device basis.
Both - Improve - Add device type and icon for "tape library".
Both - Improve - Add icons for Citrix and power devices.

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