Released 2015-09-22


The major new feature in 1.8.2 is the free 20 device license for Open-AudIT Enterprise that has no time limit. No need to register online and cut/paste a license key.


Open-AudIT Enterprise - New - Free 20 device license with no time limit.

Open-AudIT Enterprise - New - Update EULA to allow for sending user details to Opmantek.

Open-AudIT Enterprise - New - Modal display for licensing options.

Open-AudIT Enterprise - New - Once per week reminder modal if license count exceeded by more than 10%.

Open-AudIT Enterprise - New - A user can now configure OAC to not run the group update function after a device has been discovered / processed. They can in combination with this, use OAE to schedule the function to update ALL groups and devices at a convenient time.

Open-AudIT Enterprise - New - All reports limit display to first 20 devices when using the free license. Same for Maps - first 20 devices only.

Open-AudIT Enterprise - New - When using OAE on a free license, discovery is limited to the first 20 devices discovered.

Open-AudIT Enterprise - Improve - Help -> About and EULA pages improved.

Open-AudIT Enterprise - Improve - Revised report definition for OAE software discovered by date.


Open-AudIT - Bug - Fixed group creation when using sys_man_additional_fields_data as the linked table (no sys_man_additional_fields_data.timestamp in that table).

Open-AudIT - Improve - Added some more Cisco OIDs to the helper.

Open-AudIT - Bug - OA-242 Windows SNMP discovery with incorrect credentials. Major rework of discover_subnet.vbs to nmap all targets and send result as a single POST.

Open-AudIT - Improve - Added some extra logging and consistent logging to discovery controller and snmp_helper.

Open-AudIT - Bug - Small syntax error on the html form for result submit (was using translation but it is not loaded for these input forms).

Open-AudIT - Improve - Reworked SNMP helper to use an array of crdentials and loop through them for each attempt to connect.

Open-AudIT - Bug - Fixed an export to nmis bug.

Open-AudIT - Bug - Syntax error fix for non-sudo using SSH linux audit.

Open-AudIT - New - Added option to not run the device <-> group routine post device processing.

Open-AudIT - Bug - Fixed error not adding org comments when creating new org.

Open-AudIT - Improve - When using the 367 (Ricoh) snmp helper, we now grab the hostname (in addition to the sysName) for Ricoh devices. Added support for Ricoh printer serial number.

Open-AudIT - Bug - Fixed an ssue with insert system trying to determine the hostname using dns, but not getting an answer and using the ip, then splitting it as if it was a fqdn.

Open-AudIT - Improve - In the discover subnet windows script, rearranged the log output line to match the other processes. Moved U to start, added M for the message.

Open-AudIT - Improve - Added extra routine in when processing audit data to attempt to get the 'best' name for the device. Mainly use SNMP sysName if we have no result from an audit or DNS.

Open-AudIT - Improve - Revised OSX disk / partition logic in audit script.

Open-AudIT - Improve - OA-235 Included patch for multiple monitor fix.

Open-AudIT - Bug - audit_osx not reporting ip's associated with network cards. Error in audit script was testing for an ip before we attempted to retrieve it.

Open-AudIT - Improve - OSX audit account for fqdn in hostname command.

Open-AudIT - Improve - Combine oae_license_status and oae_licence_type config items.

Open-AudIT - Improve - Revise os_group field to be case-consistent. We should use Windows not windows, Linux not linux, BSD not bsd, etc.

Open-AudIT - Improve - Changes to SNMP Discovery. If we have an SNMP result, do not set manufacturer to net-snmp if we receive that. Leave it blank. Do not set model to unknown, leave it blank. Do not set description to contact + location + description. Just set to description.

Open-AudIT - Improve - Changes to discovery. If we have an SNMP result and we know we don't have a computer, set ssh_status to false so we don't attempt to SSH audit the target device.

Open-AudIT - Improve - Improved search display columns in resultset.

Open-AudIT - Improve - Added option to limit AD discovery to the first X devices retrieved from AD.

Open-AudIT - Improve - Added option for ip match in discovery (discovery_ip_match). Changed config option name from name_match to discovery_name_match. Added option to not use ipmitool even if installed.

Open-AudIT - Improve - Restored man_criticality to device details page.

Open-AudIT - Improve - Menu bar displays Upgrade Licenses or Licenses depending on license status.

Open-AudIT - Improve - Change report output option html to de-pad ip address.

Open-AudIT - Improve - Remove redirect from OAC login page.

Open-AudIT - Bug - Fixed typo in header for NMIS link.

Open-AudIT - Improve - Ensure we only input and compare intval on partiton size, used, free.

Open-AudIT - Bug - Fix incorrect variable name when logging in m_dns.

Open-AudIT - Improve - Create timestamp and ignore submitted timestamp. Seperate loop for sys and all other XML items.

Open-AudIT - Bug - OA-214 urldecode ajax controller output for edit config.

Open-AudIT - Improve - Activate interfaces and disks reports upon upgrade or new install.

Open-AudIT - Improve - Only load the report list if we're _not_ requesting JSON.

Open-AudIT - Improve - Moved example files into /assets in the web directory so they can be downloaded. Added a link to download sample file on the import multiple devices form.

Open-AudIT - Improve - Added a report to show Windows PCs that have not had an audit script run against them.

Open-AudIT - Improve - Added timeout option when retrieving NFS capacity details in

Open-AudIT - Improve - Enable audit_linux to detect other running audit scripts and stop if other detected.

Open-AudIT - Improve - Added config option to disable generating alerts.

Open-AudIT - Improve - Removed device model images.

Open-AudIT - Improve - Standard web directories created for css, js, images, fonts. Logo and sample images moved from theme to standard directories. Added jQuery and Bootstrap items to css, fonts and js standard directories. Edited html templates to point to the correct standard directories.

Open-AudIT - Improve - Replace passwords with stars on help -> support page.

Open-AudIT - Improve - Added indexes on net_index and timestamp columns of the sys_hw_network_card table.

Open-AudIT - Improve - Remove LOWER from SELECT queries and add to INSERT queries on tables other than network card and ip.

Open-AudIT - Improve - DNS names are stored by the Open-AudIT server.

Open-AudIT - Improve - Improved VM guest logic. Currently the processing logic behind an ESX hosts guests is failing. New guest entries are being created every audit. There is no accounting for a guest moving from one host to another. Initial fix is to remove all guests with the specific guest being processed's UUID and insert a new entry for this guest. This will remove the redundant entries as the ESX hosts are audited. Going forward with v2, this logic should be revised because of the use of the 'current' column to determine guest currency. This should fix both issues. Will make another ticket to be addressed in v2 for this.

Open-AudIT - Improve - Added support for WDM device types.

Open-AudIT - Improve - Audit systemd services for Linux.

Open-AudIT - Improve - Set default ip address in Windows and Linux audit scripts by the default route's local IP.

Open-AudIT - Improve - Set hostname based on sysName in snmp_helper.

Open-AudIT - New - Add report to show devices without credentials.





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