Released 2019-03-19

Linux SHA256: d68918ae7a1d8da95f8425f0132a6d030de90e8db44dfd740d5736b5e4a12c71

Linux md5sum: 9f79b2f5a308968f16e330027b49b03e


Open-AudIT ProfessionalImprovementRedirect to Community if worst case happens - no database or no config or no roles.
Open-AudITImprovementThrow warnings on the logon page if no configuration retrieved (hence no database).
Open-AudITNew FeatureAudit policies on Windows - RSOP_GPO, RSOP_SecuritySettingString, RSOP_SecuritySettingNumeric, RSOP_SecuritySettingBoolean.
Open-AudITNew FeatureAudit policies on Linux - /etc/login.defs, /etc/pam.d/common-password, /etc/pam.d/system-auth.
Open-AudIT EnterpriseBugFix editing migrated discoveries match rules.
Open-AudITBugFix running migrated Discoveries without Match Rules.
Open-AudITImprovementUpgrade CodeIgniter from 2.1.3 to 2.2.6.
Open-AudITImprovementRemove changes to CodeIgniter core and change to using MySQLi CodeIgniter driver (instead of a modified CodeIgniter MySQL driver).
Open-AudITImprovementRevise some of the Summaries SQL statements to pass "strict mode" in MySQL.
Open-AudITImprovementVarious internal SQL statements revised to pass "strict mode" in MySQL.
Open-AudIT Improvement

Allow a user to request a read of their own user entry.

Open-AudITBugRestore originally used phpSecLib to v1.x as the new 2.x was breaking SSH keys that used passwords.
Open-AudITImprovementRefine log message when waiting for an audit result under Windows (ie, show "Audit result incoming from target." instead of "No audit script result to process").
Open-AudITBugFix auditing a WIndows machine from a Windows Open-Audit Server. Provide correct path to created audit script (other/scripts, not /other).
Open-AudITBugFix removing a value from credentials (blank != empty).
Open-AudITImprovementEnable SSH Keys under Windows credentials::create form.
Open-AudITBugBug fix in audit_windows.vbs where we false positively detected we were running against localhost.
Open-AudITImprovementIn SSH discovery, remove 'hostname -f' as on Solaris this SETS the hostname. We already set FQDN by name + domain in code anyway.
Open-AudITBugFix SNMP discovered IPs.
Open-AudITImprovementSNMP helper update for Raritan.
Open-AudITImprovementSilence the error if move file fails (upload attachment), so we can output correct JSON with an error.
Open-AudIT EnterpriseImprovement

Revise create and read discoveries screens.

When creating a discovery, do not populate the match items with the config rules.
Leaving them empty will mean changing the config changes all individual discoveries match rules.
Option to hard set to Y or N to override the config for any given discovery.

Open-AudIT Enterprise ImprovementInstaller now installs samba4 if on Centos/RH 6. 
Open-AudIT Enterprise  ImprovementAdd tour function to clouds::create form.
Open-AudIT Enterprise  ImprovementRevised dashboard for no devices. 
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