Released 2020-04-06

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Items highlighted I think deserve a special mention.

Don't forget :

  • Professional gets all Community features
  • Enterprise get all Professional and Community features.

NOTE - 3.3.0 breaks backwards compatibility with releases prior to 1.14.04. If you need to upgrade from a release earlier than 1.14.04, first upgrade to 2.0.1, then to 3.4.0.

If you need a 2.0.1 release, please create a support ticket here.

EnterpriseImprovementBaselinesMove baselines definition into the database. Results are still stored as JSON files on disk due to database size.
EnterpriseImprovementBaselinesMake Baselines templates look as per other endpoint templates.
CommunityImprovementGroupsAllow for 'normal' /groups/<id>?action=execute URL as per other endpoints.
ProfessionalImprovementDatabaseNew menu option. Admin → Database → Schema Compare. Checks the schema of the in-use database against the definition supplied as a file and highlights differences.
ProfessionalImprovementAllAdd the name of the object to the title bar if we're viewing an execute or read template.
CloudImprovementTasksImplement working tasks for all customers for Cloud.
ProfessionalImprovementDiscoveriesChange the Export Logs icon to avoid a clash with the Export icon implemented for all collections::read templates.
ProfessionalImprovementDiscoveriesNew menu items under Discoveries.
ProfessionalImprovementDevicesNew menu items under Devices..
ProfessionalImprovement DevicesProvide a global default columns retrieval list and default columns show list. Default columns show can be overwritten per user. Allow on the /devices page to show/hide columns and save as the users default columns list.
ProfessionalImprovementDevicesRefine the devices collection template to hide/show the sub_resource items. Refine the sub_resource templates and add another for viewing a single sub_resource entry.
ProfessionalImprovementDevicesAdd task to the device display left side menu.
EnterpriseImprovementIntegrationsAdd Last Run to Integrations Collection template.
CommunityImprovementDiscoveriesAdd sudo password on credentials templates. Use new 'sudo_password' when using ssh_key credentials, if populated. Revise SSH timeouts when using sudo. The old "password" field, on a credentials entry for an SSH Key, was used both for the key itself (if encrypted) and also for the sudo password. This didn't work when they we different (ie, most of the time). If the SSH Key had no password, it worked as expected.
ProfessionalImprovementConfigurationRemove oae_password from being used. Set password to '', effectively barring logon (new installs only).
CommunityImprovementDevicesOnly allow JPG, PNG and SVG files to be uploaded as device images.
ProfessionalBugDevicesFix displayed text for Audit My PC link on Linux.
CommunityImprovementLDAP ServersAdd new attribute for ldap_servers - use_auth.
ProfessionalImprovementDiscoveriesMinor refinements to the discoveries_read template.
ProfessionalImprovementDiscoveriesAdd open|filtered to the discovery scan options with a default of 'n'. Previously we used the "filtered" column to check for open|filtered. This change aligns the discovery scan options with Nmap return strings.
ProfessionalBugRacksSystem detail button on rack visualization does not work in Firefox.
ProfessionalImprovementDiscoveriesAdd time for Scanning for Nmap response to discoveries::read template.
ProfessionalImprovementClustersAdd clusters endpoint.
ProfessionalImprovementDevicesButtons to clear change logs and audit logs for a device.
ProfessionalImprovementAllWarn if deleting a collection item, that it will also delete any associated tasks.
ProfessionalImprovementDevicesShow processor hyperthreading, socket and architecture on devices read template.
CommunityImprovementDiscoveriesRemove network address, add open|filtered to discoveries create and read templates.
CommunityImprovementDevicesImplement code to delete a device from the database when config item set and status changed to deleted.
CommunityImprovementDevicesAdd nmis_customer to integrations (and database).
ProfessionalImprovementDevicesUn-managed Devices Menu Entry and Edit.
CommunityImprovementDevicesRetrieve more linux user information (home, shell, ssh Keys).
CommunityImprovementAllA large amount of code formatting to adhere to the include code sniffer (see /other/PHPCS_Coding_Standard).
CommunityImprovementDevicesAdd deprecation notice to devices::collection template for running a Query based on a Group.
CommunityImprovementConfigurationAllow filters in /configuration (particularly for, mostly for the API.
ProfessionalImprovementWidgetsAdd server.edition to Server Types summary.
CommunityImprovementDevicesRemove the 'default' route (for as it already shows in 'ip r' and it also may have more than one for with different weights, think VPN.
CommunityImprovementDevicesAdd Seagate identifier for Manufacturer to linux disks.
CommunityImprovementDiscoveriesDon't use the timeout (2m), hard set to 10 seconds for SSH login.
CommunityImprovementAllSort the meta->data order.
CommunityImprovementDiscoveriesMac Models added.
CommunityImprovementDiscoveriesRevise SSH timeouts when using sudo. Only use configured limit for the audit script (otherwise a simple delete file has to timeout). Timeout was defaulting to 10mins, regardless of setting. I had to explicitly set this for each ssh->read command. Discovery using this went from 365 seconds to 165 seconds for a single host.
CommunityImprovementDiscoveriesUse self-delete on SSH audit scripts running via discovery.
CommunityImprovementUsersAccept username and password via request headers in m_logon.
CommunityImprovementConfigurationCode added to check_defaults to set default_network_address based on determined server IP, if not already set by the user.
CommunityImprovementAllMassive (code) shake up of how we do Collections (and a bit of READ, too). No more m_collections::collection or My_Model::collection_sql used. Each collection now responsible for it's own items. Every model has a collection function that takes either a user or response. We can now call each for either a straight list of items the user can see or a full response with column list, exclusions, et al as per the API.
CommunityImprovementUsersRemove nmis user from default user list.
CommunityBugDiscoveriesUse correct argument order in explode function for UUID retrieval via SSH.
CommunityImprovementDiscoveriesNew discovery routine using the queue. We now have a "discovery queue". Each IP is scanned NOT by discover_subnet.vbs||sh, now it's directly in PHP. We have effectively deprecated the discover_subnet scripts as at 3.3.0. We create a new entry per IP in a queue and loop over those, with a default number of spawned processes set to 20 (configurable). Discovery times have again sped up by a large amount and if your network and Open-AudIT server allow it, you can increase the default queue limit and gain even more.
CommunityBugDiscoveriesFor service items, include the 'port' in the match. We were matching on name + type only, which failed when we have multiple websites, same names, different ports (80 + 443).
CommunityImprovementDiscoveriesRemove 'manufacturer' from as we don't use it and when it contains an ampersand, it seems to fail validations - even if we enclose it in CDATA.
CommunityImprovementDevicesAutomatically filter any devices without oae_manage = 'y' when requesting from Enterprise.
CommunityBugDiscoveriesFix bug in relating to Docker machine detection (thanks David).
CommunityImprovementDiscoveriesAdd config option called match_ip_no_data. If we discover a device and that IP is already in the database AND we have no audit data about that device, assuming it is the same device, do not create another (usually duplicate) device.
CommunityImprovementDiscoveriesFor service items, include the 'port' in the match. We were matching on name + type only, which failed when we have multiple websites, same names, different ports (80 + 443).
CommunityImprovementDevicesAdd processor.hyperthreading to DB schema.
CommunityBugDiscoveriesLinux audit fix for log size from danf0x. Thanks Dan.
CommunityImprovementDiscoveriesImproved IIS 7 and above enumeration. Only for local audit.
CommunityImprovementDiscoveriesESXi audit script - fix memory_count, domain and format os_installation_date as a date, not a timestamp. Correctly format manufacurer name for VMware, Inc. SSH Helper, better attribute retrieval to match the audit script for ESXi.
CommunityImprovementDiscoveriesAfter SSH attribute retrieval, if populated, use these in preference to previously obtained values (SNMP, Nmap, etc.)
CommunityBugDiscoveriesCorrect argument order to split FQDN into hostname and domain.
CommunityImprovementDiscoveriesWhen running an audit script via discovery using sudo, no longer timeout to discovery_ssh_timeout, parse, then wait for the respone until we see 'Audit Completed' in the output - or wait for the timeout. Output the script output to the discovery_log if log_level = 7.
CommunityImprovementDiscoveriesRetrieve routes via SNMP if count is below config item discovery_route_retrieve_limit.

Improve input helper for better user input validation.

Provide a list of valid sub_resources and validate request against it.

Ensure valid groupby provided.

Improve setting IDs. Ensure integers and comma's only.

Improve setting properties.

Improve setting sort.

Force sub_resource_id to an integer type.

CommunityImprovementDevicesAdd memory.manufacturer to SQL schema, retrieve on Linux.
CommunityChangeAllRemove 'group' from the list of properties for input and use.
CommunityImprovementAllAdd option of properties=all or properties=* for all endpoints, which provides all SQL columns, the output of which is fully qualified name in the JSON.
CommunityImprovementAllInclude log in debug output if meta->debug is true and set log_level to 7.
CommunityImprovementDiscoveriesIn m_device::match, provide an array of ignored strings. Eg - 'To be filled by O.E.M.', which in a serial number frequently causes a false positive match.
CommunityImprovementDiscoveriesRemove a lot of added text from attributes in order to match ssh with ssh_audit values. Make some attributes in audit linx script, identical to those retrieved from in-app discovery.
CommunityBugNMISFix nmis import. Set org_id and location_id and redirect to a valid URL.
CommunityImprovementRulesAdd two new rules (HP -> Hewlett Packard) and (innotek GmbH -> Virtual).
CommunityImprovementGroupsImprove Group definitions for Printers, Debian Computers and Public IP Devices
ProfessionalImprovementDevicesProvide a DHCP section on devices_read template
AllImprovementAllRequesting create_form in JSON now provides everything required to build a suitable POST request. New function in all models called dictionary (used by controller/create_form and util/dictionary).
CommunityImprovementDatabaseAdd errors, warnings and notices to DB upgrade output screen.
ProfessionalImprovementLogsRefine the View Logs by Summary to only show create, update or delete actions by default (data altering requests).
CommunityImprovementAllPHPDocs for most functions added.
ProfessionalImprovementDiscoveriesRandomly discoveries will take ~60 seconds to start. Add a notice if status not empty and logs empty on discoveries read template.

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