Released 2020-10-29

Linux SHA256: 7e035e6af2260d7fc6a93fdcd6d1ba1193ce09ae7f704031c552daa3c3ff194b

Linux md5sum: 7c5318948aa9c1733396d2f63e27f5ea

Open-AudIT 4.0.0 is here. For more information about why we have gone to 4.0.0, please see my blog post Open-AudIT 4.0.0.

WARNING - See blog post above about migrating as you cannot upgrade to Open-AudIT 4.0.0 (hint, it's easy).

A new license will be required if you have a perpetual license. Subscription licenses are unaffected (but may need to be manually copied, see blog post). Contact Opmantek if you require a new license.

Please note (as detailed in the blog post):

  • NMIS9 Syncing has not been implemented for this release.
  • This release is not compatible with older versions of Opmantek products, that were designed for NMIS8.

Open-AudIT Community will (for now) remain at version 3.5.1.

Open-AudIT Professional and Enterprise build on top of Community, so their major version has been increased, as explained in the blog post. So if you install version 4.0.0 and switch to the Community GUI you will see version 3.5.1 there. DON'T PANIC, this is intentional (smile)

There are no major changes for 4.0.0 from a users perspective. The minor changes and fixes are detailed below.

ProfessionalBugTasksMenu link to scheduled reports needed reformatting (user now required to provide quotes when using the IN keyword).
ProfessionalBugTasksAdd 'required' indicator to attributes on tasks_create form.
ProfessionalBugLDAP ServersAdd 'required' indicator to ldap_servers::create template for 'secure' attribute.
ProfessionalImprovementAttributesAdd icons to attributes::read template for devices and locations.
ProfessionalImprovementUsersOnly show Cloud text to Cloud users on users_read template.
ProfessionalTaskIntegrationsRemove 'integrations' from menu for initial ABI4 release.
ProfessionalTaskConfigurationChange nmis_url in database config to NMIS9 URL.
ProfessionalImprovementDiscoveriesAdd links to individual discovery scan options in help text on discoveries::create template.
ProfessionalImprovementRolesAdd roles.ad_group to roles::collection template.
ProfessionalImprovementUsersAdd error message to auth_log when user in htpasswd, but not OAC.
ProfessionalImprovementDiscoveriesAdd hover text to discoveries_read left side menu.
ProfessionalImprovementNMISProvide same functionality for OAP/E as per OAC - Import Devices from NMIS8 and NMIS9.
ProfessionalBugBaselines, RolesAdd baselines endpoint to roles::read and roles::create templates.
CommunityBugNetworksBad SQL (still worked on Ubuntu 18.04) in networks::collection.
CommunityImprovementAllAllow for URL Encoded HTML Entities in $id when searching to match name -> id.
CommunityImprovementConfigurationAllow for config.json UUID retrieval.
CommunityImprovementUsersLanguage selector added zh-tw. Merge pull request #6 from jasoncheng7115/patch-2
CommunityTaskNMISEnsure we can import nodes from NMIS 9 (as well as NMIS 8).
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