Released 2021-08-17

Linux SHA256 - 713aa337d9abdb9ca3e9198ae25f2a301bc33eb1b7089dcfd58b083d6bec5819

Linux MD5 -  d487408747f8b490238bbbaef82f3849

Great new feature for this release - Integrations. We initially ship with an NMIS integration, but going forward this can be expanded to integrate with any third party system to import, export and sync devices.

NOTE - If you are currently using the NMIS Integration feature, any entries for this will be removed. DON'T PANIC! We are providing a default integration that should seamlessly take over and 'just work'. You should review the integration once you have upgraded and if necessary, configure to your liking.

Integrations are very configurable. Some might say too configurable. For this reason, when you create a new Integration, most of the fields are hidden behind the Advanced button. For more info, see the Integrations page.

NOTE - Redhat 8 users will need to edit the Integration and add credentials. Integrations will not work locally for Redhat 8 at this time (without credentials). We are aiming to address this ASAP. Add credentials, problem solved. Apologies for the inconvenience.

AllNew FeatureIntegrationsAs above. Create an associated default discovery for the default integration.
AllNew FeatureDiscoveriesDefault Discovery added for server local subnet.
AllNew FeatureRulesAdd a rule for any discovered devices with an SNMP OID, set the manage in NMIS attribute to yes.
AllImprovementDiscoveriesDelete any associated tasks when deleting a discovery.
AllImprovementDiscoveriesFix for systemd services in audit linux script.
AllImprovementScriptsFix the audit_windows script to correctly parse bad output as per openaudit 4.1.2 run vbs Microsoft VBScript runtime error: array index out of range:'[number: 1]'
ProfessionalImprovementWelcomeOn the /omk Welcome page, show only Open-AudIT for a name, regardless of the licensed version.
ProfessionalImprovementDevicesRefine devices read template with improved links for NMIS items.
ProfessionalImprovementDevicesRefine devices read template with drop downs for some NMIS attributes.
AllImprovementDiscoveriesAdd SNMP helper for Vyatta.
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