Released 2021-12-22

Linux SHA256 - 8fca2a68ed2dd7fa791738931e6651d6383377f671ff493d5a31cab77f65251b

Linux MD5 - 45913fa140a22bdb6613c873007569c5

Open-AudIT 4.3.1 is a minor patch release, however with 4.3.0 not being released for Windows, a larger release for that platform when upgrading from 4.2.0.

There is one critical bug fixed - scheduled tasks running every minute. This is a result of security hardening and a simple test passing when it shouldn't. No security issue in any way, just us being as thorough as possible - sometimes too much!

CommunityImproveDiscoveriesAdd Mariner Linux audit ability in
CommunityImproveDiscoveriesAdd Fortigate 60F to SNMP Model helper.
CommunityBugDiscoveriesEnsure we use a padded IP in the discovery log match / update so matching on IP now works again.
EnterpriseImproveDiscoveriesImprove discovery logs being processed from Collector.
ProfessionalBugDiscoveriesEnsure we don't inject html and then try to escape it on discoveries read template (in the log section).
ProfessionalImproveDiscoveriesEnsure discoveries_collection template is w3c validated.
ProfessionalBugDatabaseFix deleting rows from the database (usually devices with status Deleted) in menu → Admin → Database → List Tables.
ProfessionalBugTasksFix bug when testing if a task should run (all tasks would always run).
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