Released 2022-01-27

Linux SHA256 - 3ebb7afa589b9fee8a9581e615c701439765458ff2618c2f6a9aaf5e8cae2ba8

Linux MD5 - ce21c79ca5e1dd23f9255fbe02a24b73

Note - re-released on Monday the 31st January as The hashes below match this release.

Linux SHA256 - 97332baa3061c55c114ff10e21f3b260fc0e7a32bf83541350b4ecf478e0dcb7

Linux MD5 - d11ecc13b402853d76d32859f86c3261

Note - re-released on Thursday the 3rd February as The hashes below match this release.

Linux SHA256 - f2878e63d6f664ac74c07dfbb198af8214d61900e5d8982a7220e1f6bcff6e5b

Linux MD5 - e424fd48ff7b92563a1e19251ccc51f6

Open-AudIT 4.3.2 is a bug fix release targeted at Linux installs.

Please note - If you have edited the Default Integration, it will not be fixed. If you have not edited the Default Integration, it will be replaced with correct field names. If you would like a fresh new Integration, the same as the default, just create a new one. The fields on the create form have also been updated. Apologies for any inconvenience this causes.

CommunityBugDevicesAdd SCSI to list of valid sub-resources.
ProfessionalBugAllDo not double escape the breadcrumbs.
ProfessionalBugDevicesFix HTML attributes to enable editing nmis_customer and other related fields on device details screen.
EnterpriseBugIntegrationsEnable passing correct attributes to delete an individual integrations field.
EnterpriseBugCollectorsEnumerate the correct array (discovery_scan_options, not locations) for collector request.
EnterpriseBugCollectorsUse correct argument list when creating local discovery_scan_options from collector_request data. Was missing org_id and ping.
EnterpriseBugIntegrationsFix default credentials fields names for Integrations Create form (see above).
EnterpriseBugIntegrationsFix default integration if unedited (see above).
CommunityImprovementDiscoveriesIf we detect an open|filtered port AND we have open|filtered set to 'y' in the discovery, record it as an open port.
ProfessionalImprovementAuthSilence Mojo deprecation warning on console.
ProfessionalImprovementDevicesWhen required, add a horizontal scrollbar on the devices list template for right side overflowing columns.
EnterpriseBugCollectorsNOTE - 4.3.2-2 only.  Fix the discovery create SQL in the Collector Request sub. Disable blessed subnets when a Collector is registered.
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