Released 2022-05-17

Linux SHA256 - 56d9f47c124f172266d0ac3f69d555ed6c6cca0c5be79b8bd0ba92adf6c0cb7b

Linux MD5 - b7baa0db5863033d40f95bc772cb94d2

NOTE - Errata page to fix some trivial bad links in Community on the Summaries Collection template - Errata - 4.3.3 Bad Links on Collections Summary template

Open-AudIT 4.3.3 is a maintenance release.


When querying AWS for virtual machines, if there is no public IP, fallback to the private IP for the device's system.ip field.

ProfessionalImprovementDiscoveriesDo not throw a console warning when calling util/queue (warning because that endpoint does not produce output).
ProfessionalImprovementDevicesShow disk size in GB, not MB.
ProfessionalImprovementTasksRun a scheduled task as the user that created (or last edited) that task. Affects items such as reports and queries. We should only return those devices the user running the task should see, not all devices which we would see if the Open-AudIT Enterprise user was used.
EnterpriseImprovementRolesAdd rack_devices permission to Roles Read template.
ProfessionalImprovementDevicesRename Insert to Import on the button on the Import Example Devices page to be consistent with menu items.
ProfessionalImprovementDevicesApply a sort to device details template for drives and volumes tables.
EnterpriseImprovementcodeAdd some config items to install/opCommon.json for collector timeouts - oae_collector_connect_timeout, oae_collector_request_timeout, oae_collector_inactivity_timeout
ProfessionalBugcodeAllow for self signed certs when using HTTPS or LDAPS in underlying framework upgrade.
ProfessionalBugLicensesRelated to the above, license creation and retrieval (because this uses HTTPS) is now fixed.
CommunityBugLDAP ServersRelated to the above, do not fail by not validating self-signed LDAPS certificates.
CommunityBugLDAP ServersFix false positive error when deleting an LDAP Server. The LDAP Server is deleted, but we were throwing a warning when there was no need to.
CommunityImprovementSummariesShow all collections on the Summaries collection template.
CommunityImprovementSummariesOnly count the correct Org permitted collections in m_summaries (ie, do not show ALL items for a given collection, only those items a user has the OrgID permission to view.
CommunityImprovementDiscoveriesAdd Windows 11 to audit script.

Merge pull request #12 from FranzXaver/master: Added PostgreSQL, Tomcat, MariaDB to server_item, dmidecode hardening


Merge pull request #4 from FranzXaver/FranzXaver-patch-2: Better oid2name detection for postgres and centos


Merge pull request #3 from FranzXaver/FranzXaver-patch-2: Ignore binary files when grepping for datadir

CommunityImprovementDiscoveriesAdd some new Mac Models to mac_model_helper.
CommunityImprovementDiscoveriesFix disk, memory, network cards, CPU in audit_osx for M1.
CommunityImprovementDiscoveriesUpdates to Fortigate device type setting in SNMP Model Helper.
CommunityImprovementDiscoveriesAdd warning on discoveries collection, create and read templates if Nmap SUID not set.

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