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Released 2022-12-12

WARNING - Do not upgrade to this release (yet) if you are using Collectors. This functionality is being restored and will be released ASAP.

Now fixed, see below.

4.4.0 Linux SHA256 - 521cf8aa9d1f3dc63213422c85da56001bc6b3d27b9f27b825dce1cb03df897f

4.4.0 Linux MD5 - e20f17f738770d331ba71d8f828b117b

NOTE 4.4.0-1 - We have found a bug in deployment that did not appear in testing. If you downloaded 4.4.0 (and not 4.4.0-1), then you will likely be affected. Please copy the attached file to /usr/local/open-audit/code_igniter/application/models/m_device.php. My sincerest apologies for the inconvenience. The URL for 4.4.0-1 is


4.4.0-1 Linux SHA256 - 06be623246ae43ff6c485ef03d31a098aaec7085b07191cf1f8d3d08ac1a428e

4.4.0-1 Linux MD5 - 695110beb232028cbd7b33671cd99145

NOTE 4.4.0-3 - Collectors fixed.

We have released the updated version with the collectors fix. You can find it at

Will will update the main download page as soon as possible.

4.4.0-3 Linux SHA256 - a339618a0a832e5af9f2f68a8d6d774ebae720c1be68c15ebe27674cd6493392

4.4.0-3 Linux MD5 - 0afdb31fd1207a698b39e4b4bf51bd2c

New GUI libraries are the main updates in this release. Bootstrap 5, jQuery, et al.

NOTE - If you use and have customized the default Integration, you will need to review and make those changes again. We have introduced some new fields to the default Integration. This will make reporting on devices activated within opCharts, opConfig and opEvents possible.

ProfessionalImprovementAllUpdate to Bootstrap 5 from 3.
CommunityBugFieldsFix deleting a custom field. Also delete any device data associated with it.
CommunityBugDiscoveriesImproved test for Nmap SUID status. Working on RedHat now, see Errata - 4.3.4 - Bad suid test on Nmap binary prevents discoveries from being executed on Redhat
EnterpriseImprovementUsersAllow to delete the (no longer used) Reporter role.
EnterpriseImprovementMultipleRevise some collections queries to add all associated external id and name columns. Floors, racks, rooms and rows.
ProfessionalImprovementAllValidate all templates against W3C and WAC.
EnterpriseBugTasks / BaselinesFix the tasks_execute function set the product to Professional, which caused baselines (when run as a tack) to not be permitted.
EnterpriseImprovementCloudsLog the error message from aws client when error occurs so the user can see them in the GUI.
ProfessionalImprovementAllAllow user setable config item used for cspf (security_content_policy). See Security Configurations
EnterpriseImprovementCloudsInstall python3 on Redhat to satisfy awscli dependency.
EnterpriseBugIntegrationsFix the NMIS Integration to automatically 'activate' devices when created in NMIS by Open-AudIT.
EnterpriseImprovementIntegrationsExclude the 'global' nmis node from NMIS Integration.
CommunityBugDevices, DiscoveriesFix for m_device::match routine regarding including (or not) the device.org_id.
CommunityImprovementDiscoveriesUse a different OID for SNMP credential tests (use sysObjectOID , not sysDescr). We discovered some non-compliant devices did not respond to sysDescr, did run SNMP and did response to sysObjectOID), hence the small change.
EnterpriseImprovementDiscoveriesRestrict the number of issues in a discoveries collection response to 100. This will improve timings for the Discoveries Collection page for those with large amounts of discovery logs.
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