Released 2023-01-18

Linux SHA256 - 60af4a379cb5f2cabf27c4043f36aa10101885f20de631136e30798bcd6af74d

Linux MD5 - 0196a89374770da883c7add06ef173fe

Linux only release.

Errata - If your discoveries are failing when encountering a 'computer' (anything that responds with an OID containing 8072), then delete the file /usr/local/open-audit/code_igniter/application/helpers/snmp_8072_helper.php. We have uploaded a release with this fix, but it may not have propagated to the file cache(s) just yet.

This is a very minor bug-fix release.

ProfessionalBugDiscoveries and CredentialsIf the links on the Welcome Dashboard to "Discover My Network" or in menu → Help → Discovery Wizard were clicked, the page displayed but did not display the guided wizard modal.
CommunityBugAttributesAttributes were not included in Org access testing in the response helper. Subsequently, a user without access to Org #1 (the Default Organisation) could not view devices.
ProfessionalBugIntegrationsFix device display for users with no OrgID #1 access. It was failing because no integrations are retrieved, hence no Opmantek attributes were populated for select boxes.
ProfessionalBugConfigurationRestore the Test Email button and function to the email settings page.
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