Released 2024-02-19

md5sum: f9718ff503d30af323813451cc582747

sha256sum: 978813529ffa456dbc4f0cc9cd242a0b64551d4db2210a15fc7ead7e449fa0ab

This is a larger bug fix release. One new feature for Enterprise being Device Tags.

New Help pages

EnterpriseBugCollectorsCollector registration, decommission and task was broken.
EnterpriseImprovementCollectorsAdd a new Collector dashboard showing different data depending on Collector or Stand-Alone Collector.
EnterpriseImprovementCollectorsAdd a button top right when a Collector to link to the Collector dashboard.
EnterpriseImprovementDashboardsAdd a new Summary dashboard. Add a Quick Discovery modal to the Welcome dashboard.
CommunityImprovementDiscoveriesShow warning AND log when on Windows and Apache is system user.
CommunityImprovementDiscoveriesImprove subnet validation.
CommunityImprovementGUIMake links white when in dark CSS mode.
CommunityImprovementGUIOn SummariesCollection, make the backgrounds dimgrey for better DarkMode.
CommunityImprovementGUIImprove the whoops error page.
CommunityImprovementGUIPlace a colour-cycle on the Advanced button for Collection templates.
CommunityImprovementGUIOn collections pages, show a "Show All" button if we do not currently have all rows in the result.
CommunityImprovementGUIOnly display the Show All button if there are < 500 items in total.
CommunityBugScriptsFix the DNS retrieval in
CommunityBugScriptsFix incorrect logic when testing for iwlist in
CommunityImprovementScriptsAdd kernel_version to linux audit script.
CommunityImprovementScriptsAdd AlmaLinux to software retrieval.
CommunityBugScriptsShould have used ROOTPATH, not FCPATH in ScriptsModel. Showed trying to dowload a script when using a Windows Open-AudIT server.
CommunityImprovementDevicesAllow for a user setting the 'type' attribute on an unknown or unclassified device and still matching that device when running the match_ip_no_data test.
CommunityImprovementDevicesWhen creating / importing a device if we're provided an invalid OrgID or LocationID, set it to 1 (default).
CommunityImprovementDevicesFix bug in BulkUpdate form if you have a customer LIST field.
EnterpriseNew FeatureDevicesImplement Device Tags.
CommunityImprovementDevicesWhen adding a new device, parse hostname, sysName and dns_hostname to make sure we only store the name, not the fqdn.
CommunityImprovementDevicesMake the device button on collection page blue, not purple to be consistent with other collections 'details' column.
CommunityBugLDAPFix LDAP Servers read template.
CommunityImprovementLDAPImprove LDAP logging at logon.
EnterpriseImprovementEnterpriseIf any command line output is received from enterprise.bin, throw a flash warning and output those lines.
EnterpriseImprovementEnterpriseDelete rows from enterprise table where they're older than today when in development mode.
EnterpriseImprovementEnterpriseMore gracefully handle no response->data from a Report in the Reports controller.
EnterpriseImprovementEnterpriseChange the enterprise.response column from TEXT to LONGTEXT to handle larger reports.
CommunityImprovementQueriesImprove QueriesExecute SQL parsing for joining on orgs and limiting user results.
EnterpriseBugRolesFix the list of collections for roles templates (missing charts, clouds, collectors, components, search) or Read and/or Create.
CommunityImprovementLocationsAdd a button to link to devices in a location on LocationsRead template.
CommunityImprovementAllProvide better 'About' pages based on the wiki contents.
CommunityImprovementAllAdd an entry to the Help menu - API Documentation. This is a local page (in-app, not on the wiki) also linked to from the new Help pages.
ProfessionalImprovementReportsRemove the Details buttons from Reports Collection template.
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