Released 2024-05-12md5sum: aa5f9d737a9c0d50761efd90c415b0e2

sha256sum: 06c84184da4c418b8f8ab96472eaf9bbdc9a87177cbce88c1ab3722168f793b2

Windows: Unreleased as yet.

New for this minor release is the QueryBuilder. This is a simple addition to the QueriesCreate template that allows the selection and filtering to create a new Query. This is simple on purpose. If you require advanced quesry building, you can still use raw SQL (on the same template) or build an initial simple query, then edit the raw SQL on the Read template. This should save customers having to look-up which tables contains which fields.

Other than that new feature, the other items are mostly improvements and a few bugs squashed.

EnterpriseImprovementCollectors, Files, ExecutablesAdd files and executables to the Collector.
EnterpriseImprovementwidgetsAdd ability to execute an individual widget from the Collection or Read templates.
CommunityImprovementdevicesAllow exporting a device with all components in audit format.
URL: /devices/{id}/export?format=json_data
EnterpriseImprovementdevicesAdd Licensed Devices count to footer.
EnterpriseBugcollectorsWhen receiving a device from a Collector, ensure we de-pad (and hence have a valid) IPv4 address.
EnterpriseBugauditImprove Linux exe detection for Redhat.
CommunityBugauditIn powershell audit: added hostname, fixed form_factor, fixed network.mac_address to network.mac, fixed serial number.
CommunityImprovementauditAdd SQL Server details to powershell audit.
CommunityImprovementauditAdd IIS details (at least for Win 2022) to powershell audit script.
CommunityImprovementauditAllow for the powershell / windows bug with Get-LocalGroupMember.
CommunityImprovementldap_serversEncrypt the ldap_servers::dn_password and not show it on the read template.
CommunityBugroles, usersAllow for a roles (hence a user) not having a permissions entry.
CommunityNew FeaturequeriesImplement QueryBuilder.
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