Testing out OA 5, looks great. I tried to Get a Free License for 20 Devices and filled in that form, after submit I always see an error:

There is an issue with Enterprise functionality. Please contact FirstWave for support.

We have been using Community edition for a while, will that be possible going fwd with OA5?

I have two systems audited in the OA 5.0.2 testing system, when I try to check a report for example Operating System names it's not listing anything for those 2 systems, just the above error. 

thank you

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      Hi Phil,

      Can you email the logfiles from /usr/local/open-audit/writable/log/*.log to mark.unwin@firstwavecloud.com

      And the output from the support page, please - Open-AudIT Support Information

      You should be able to use Community as normal without an Enterprise license.


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