We had Open-Audit running on our Windows Domain Controller which died.  

We do still have access to the file system - are we able to recover the Open-Audit data and import into a new installation ?

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      All data is stored in the MySQL database. Quite possibly you can install Open-AudIT onto a new device, stop the Apache and MySQL services and then copy across the files from the old installation. This should work if the files themselves are not corrupted.


      PS - This is also why we sell awesome support contracts (smile)

      1. Donna Leysley

        Hi Mark, what would be the path of the old files ?

      2. Donna Leysley

        Hi again Mark, which are the specific files that I would need to copy to the new instance.....

      3. Mark Unwin

        Just copy everything in c:\xampplite The database is in c:\xampplite\mysql\data

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