My Open Audit 1.12.4 Server is installed on Windows 7 machine.

I am trying to audit some of the window 7 & Windows 8 machines. 

I am facing an issue while doing so.

Some of the entries are overwritten by the other entries.

Suppose, I have executed "audit_windows.vbs" script on machine 1. Its entries gets saved on the Server.

I have verified its details by logging to the server & Checked the machine details in "All Devices".Say Hostname of the audited machine is "admin1". It saved with its hostname (admin1) along with its IP Address.

Now, from other machine (having different hostname & IP Address) execute script "audit_windows.vbs".

Notice, details of the admin1 get replaced with the later audited machine.

Please look into the issue.

What is the unique key of the entering value into the "All Devices" table?

Here, hostname & IP Address both are different. So on what basis the values are getting saved in the table.

Thanks in Advance,


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      the different mechanisms for determining a unique system identifier are described on this page: Information about how Open-AudIT processes and stores data , in the section about system keys. all audit types save as much data as possible, but it depends on the audit type which subset will be used for associating new data with existing hosts.


      There is also a description of the default values used by Open-AudIT when discovering machines here - Open-AudIT Default Configuration Values and Description

      You might wish to try enabling "discovery_mac_match".

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