We are planning on implementing barcoded asset tags and we want to record the asset tag of our docking stations that are assigned to users with tablets. Rather than create 700 more devices in Open-Audit we want to create create a custom field, adding to other 11 we are currently using. But in this case rather than manually enter (typed or with scanner) the barcode value, we want to populate a CSV file with the barcode values and import them into OAE.

On Creating, Populating, and Reporting on Custom Fields it states 

  1. How will the field be populated?
    1. In most cases Fields are managed manually by users. However, you may also want to consider if you will need to populate these fields from some external source, like a database, an import from a file (csv, json, xml, etc), or via the Open-AudIT API.

If populating these fields from a CSV file is an option, how do I name the column headers in CVS file for the custom fields?

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      Hi Rick,

      At this point in time, we can update existing devices from a CSV with custom field values, but we cannot create new devices and populate their custom field values. The wiki article referenced is for importing multiple custom field definitions, not the contents of the fields as linked to devices.

      I would:

      1. Import any required devices.
      2. Select all devices you want to update with a custom field (the barcode value) and export them to CSV. That will provide the IDs of those devices.
      3. sot, cut and paste the barcodes into the new CSV export from the original list
      4. Import the CSV export that now contains the system.id and the barcode value

      When you import using a custom field you need to use the name of the field as the CSV header.

      I have just tested this and it works as intended.

      If you really need to be able to import non-existing devices and include custom fields, please email support@opmantek.com

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