• Introduction
  • Creating a folder table_schemas
  • Adding JSON file 
  • Customising JSON file for Enterprise Services table 


The Enterprise Service view grid comes from table_schemas which is open to customers to customize. In the JSON file we can remove unwanted

columns like nodes unreachable, interface state, interface status etc. Whenever customer upgrades our product it will override their changes.

Note: Customers needs to keep a back up of their schema's before upgrade which they can restore as and when required.

Creating a folder table_schemas

Need to create a folder table_schemas under conf using below commands

cd  /usr/local/omk/conf/
mkdir table_schemas

Adding JSON file 

Need to add a json file to table_schemas using below commands

cp /usr/local/omk/lib/json/opCharts/table_schemas/opCharts_enterprise-services.json /usr/local/omk/conf/table_schemas/

Customising JSON file for Enterprise Services view 

Edit the file (/usr/local/omk/conf/table_schemas/opCharts_enterprise-services.json) based on requirements of the columns we can delete specific column related data. 

For example : If we want to remove Last Updated column form the table then we need to delete the specific dictionary(Red colour text as shown below) from the json file.


“name”: “last_updated”,

“label”: “Last Updated”,

“cell”: “string”,

“formatter”: “RelativeTime”,

“editable”: false



    "name": "result.state.nodes.unreachable",

    "label": "Nodes State",

    "cell": "NodeStatus",

    "search": "iregex",

    "editable": false


After deletion need to refresh Enterprise Service page and we can see Last Updated column removed from it.

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