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Feature Description

opCharts has a 'Custom Group' feature that may be invoked when creating Maps.  By default this feature provides the user with the ability to group nodes together based on the following attributes.

  • Customer
  • Group
  • Location
  • Node Role
  • Node Status
  • Node Type
  • Node Vendor

Advanced configuration options provide for other attributes to be added.  Custom Groups allow for more granular group membership than the ordinary group membership.  Nearly any combination of node attributes can be used to create a Custom Group.

Use Case Example

This example will create a Map that groups nodes into the following Custom Groups

  • Corporate_Access

Create a Map

The first step is to create a Map.  Navigate to Views -> Maps. 

Click on the blue '+' button.

Create Custom Groups

A create map section should render.  At a minimum fill in the 'Map Type' and 'Map Name' fields.  Then select 'Add Custom Group'.

Selecting 'Add Custom Group' will render the page below.

Select the desired custom attributes.  For this example Customer:Corporate & Node Role:access were selected.  Select 'Add' to same this custom group to the map.  Repeat this process for all desired custom groups.

Save the Map

Once all the custom groups have been created, arrange them as desired and select 'Save Map'.

Review the Map

After saving the map it will render as below

Clicking on an icon will render statistics pertinent to the group.  Selecting the group name in the statistics box will render the group members in the node context page where more detailed information may be found.

If clicking an icon results in 'No Nodes Found', this means the custom group filter that was created did not match any nodes.