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Released 19th May 2020


New Dashboard Component

We have introduced a new dashboard component called a Node Panel, this is similar to a node panel in a business service but there are times you quickly want to show

a singular node without having to create a whole business service collection. These are driven through our schema based component editing and use a typeahead component to quickly search for the nodes name.

Note when editing the component after the dashboard has been save you will see the nodes UUID in the node field instead of its name, this translation will be fixed in an upcoming release but does not impact how the component queries the data.

Example of the component schmea if you are using our JSON import tools to create these components

  "name": "Node Panel",
  "model_view" : "opmantek-node-panel",
  "parameters_overrides": {
    "node_uuid": "NODE_UUID"

Event History Component Update

This component now supports filtering from its JSON document, you can hardcore the filters by node_uuid, group, location.

  "name": "Event History",
  "model_view" : "opmantek-db-log",
  "parameters_overrides": {
    "node_name_filter": "NODE_UUID",
	"": "Datacenter_A",
	"nodes.configuration.location": "Wellington"

Schema Drive Dashboard Components

To help configuration of dashboard components by end users are have introduced form to drive the GUI to edit these components.

opCharts Dashboard Component Schema

Configurable Dashboard component height

We have upgrade our dashboard layout tools to support configurable grid row height, this will allow better flexibility in creating rich dashboards.

Before this release component height was set to 230px, and you could only increase component size by multiples of this.

If you want more fine grained control of component height reduce the component height number.

Refreshed Panels in Maps and Business Services

Updated installer options

The Opmantek Installer#AvailableInstallerOptions

Bug Fixes

  • On install opCharts does not run subnet import by default
  • Fixed issue where links to inventory items would be broken
  • Fixed issue with zoom lock not behaving as expected
  • Various other bug-fixes.

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