Impacted Product & Version: opCharts 4.5.0

When using Node Resources on opCharts 4.5.0, you may observe the following below error message when choosing a resource graph to view.


Summary: You will need to make the following modifications to a configuration file on the NMIS server as a current workaround. 

The following behaviour is observed.

When you click on one node on the opCharts it will open this page in figure 1. 

Figure 1 - Nodes view page

You find that some resources appear to be displayed different to others. In this example, laLoad1 and laLoad5 do not display correctly.

Figure 2 - Node Resources widget showing the Default Graphs drown-down

Clicking on one of the affected resources displays the error at the top of this document.

Applying the workaround

Step 1:

On your NMIS server, navigate to the following directory by executing the below command:

cd /usr/local/omk/templates/nmis/nodes/resources/

Then using a text editor (vi, vim, nano etc) open the below configuration file:

vim  node_resource_table.html.ep

It is always recommended to create a backup of this file before you make the required edits.

According to Figure 4 below, you will need to make edits to lines 84, 88 and 109 by removing the portion of code that is highlighted in red. You ONLY need to remove the class=>"text-decoration-none", part of the code (note the comma after the quotation marks is included in this).

Figure 4 - Edit node_resource_table.html.ep file

Once completed, save the file. Saving the file is different depending on the text editor you use.

Step 2:

After saving the modified file, the nmis9d, omkd and opchartsd daemons will need to be restarted.


systemctl restart nmis9d

systemctl restart omkd

systemctl restart opchartsd

Once the daemons have restarted successfully, you should no longer observe the issue behaviour. If you have the opCharts GUI open whilst making this change, you may need to refresh the page or log out/back in.