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Released 2024-05-12

md5sum: aa5f9d737a9c0d50761efd90c415b0e2

sha256sum: 06c84184da4c418b8f8ab96472eaf9bbdc9a87177cbce88c1ab3722168f793b2

Windows: Unreleased as yet.


Other than that new feature, the other items are mostly improvements and a few bugs squashed.

EnterpriseImprovementCollectors, Files, ExecutablesAdd files and executables to the Collector.
EnterpriseImprovementwidgetsAdd ability to execute an individual widget from the Collection or Read templates.
CommunityImprovementdevicesAllow exporting a device with all components in audit format.
URL: /devices/{id}/export?format=json_data
EnterpriseImprovementdevicesAdd Licensed Devices count to footer.
EnterpriseBugcollectorsWhen receiving a device from a Collector, ensure we de-pad (and hence have a valid) IPv4 address.
EnterpriseBugauditImprove Linux exe detection for Redhat.
CommunityBugauditIn powershell audit: added hostname, fixed form_factor, fixed network.mac_address to network.mac, fixed serial number.
CommunityImprovementauditAdd SQL Server details to powershell audit.
CommunityImprovementauditAdd IIS details (at least for Win 2022) to powershell audit script.
CommunityImprovementauditAllow for the powershell / windows bug with Get-LocalGroupMember.
CommunityImprovementldap_serversEncrypt the ldap_servers::dn_password and not show it on the read template.
CommunityBugroles, usersAllow for a roles (hence a user) not having a permissions entry.
CommunityNew FeaturequeriesImplement QueryBuilder.