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Polling definitions describe what will be polled when a collector is running, and how it will be presented.  In the first release of real-time charts, polling definitions are imported/exported via opcharts-cli and can be viewed in the GUI.

opCharts ships with several polling definitions that may be useful and can be used as a guide when creating new ones.  These files can be found in omk/install/nmisd/pollers.d/

Polling definitions must define their name (which must be unique) and can optionally have a description.  There are 5 main sections in a polling definition (see below).

Changing a polling definition is not currently supported, if you need to do this please create a new poller with a new name and start collectors using the new poller.


To add/import new polling defintions definitions use, specify the file to get the definition from and if the file has more than one, specify the name of the poller to import:


Removing a poller requires that no collectors exist that use it (enabled or not).  After all all the collectors that use the poller have been removed, delete the poller like this:


  1. Graph options - set graph attributes (like axis titles, min/max).
  2. Properties - values that generally don't change over time but are needed to calculate a field or just presented with the graph.
  3. Virtual Properties - definitions of new variables which can be calculations using properties, other virtual properties and collector paramtersparameters.
  4. Fields - values that will be polled every time the collector runs.
  5. Virtual Fields - definitions of new variables which can be calculations using fields, properties, virtual properties and collector parameters.

Graph Options

The following are options that can be set: