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Some administrators may want to install NMIS in a location other than the default of /usr/local/nmis8.  This is possible by telling the installer about the desired location and making a few other changes to the NMIS environment.  For this example we'll assume the desired location is /opt/opmantek/nmis.

Installer Site Option

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bash /tmp/ -- site=/opt/opmantek/nmis

Remove Default Location


Configure NMIS to Utilize the New Custom Location

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/opt/opmantek/nmis/admin/ -b /opt/opmantek/nmis/conf/Config.nmis /directories/\<nmis_base\>=/opt/opmantek/nmis

Create the Apache Configuration

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### CentOS 7 example
/opt/opmantek/nmis/bin/ type=apache24 > /etc/httpd/conf.d/nmis.conf

Create the NMIS Cron Jobs

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/opt/opmantek/nmis/bin/ type=crontab system=true > /etc/cron.d/nmis

Configure NMIS

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/opt/opmantek/nmis/bin/ type=config

Fix Any Permissions Issues

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Restart the httpd Service