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ensures that the last three numbers are used for indexing.

How this information looks like? 

The OID is defined as follows in the mibs: 

Code Block
    SYNTAX      Integer32 (0..65535)
    MAX-ACCESS  read-only
    STATUS      current
        "Reference index for each observed device."
    ::= { diskIOEntry 1 }

Doing a snmpwalk

snmpwalk -c COMMUNITY -v 2c localhost

Code Block = INTEGER: 1 = INTEGER: 2 = INTEGER: 3 = STRING: "fd0" = STRING: "sdb" = STRING: "sda"

So, in this case, is the index OID, and by default, it will use the last digit (By default) as the index, 1, 2 & 3 in the example:,

rrd section

The rrd section defines what data will be collected and stored into rrd's.  Once again, the values defined inside the snmp section are like any other part of the model.