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 What is NMIS?

NMIS (acronym for Network Management Information System) is an open-source network management system that was first released in 1998. Originally written by Keith Sinclair and with later substantial input from Eric Greenwood, the intellectual property for NMIS was purchased by commercial open source software company Opmantek in early 2011 under a stated commitment to keep "NMIS free and lead the community to rapidly advance the product". NMISv8 was released by Opmantek shortly after and remains free and open source. NMISv9 is currently (as at April, 2020) in the final stages of development. NMIS is a complete network management system which assists with fault, performance and configuration management, providing performance graphs and threshold alerting as well as highly granular notification policies with many types of notification methods.

Additional modules and support provided by Opmantek are available to extend the capabilities of NMIS.

What does NMIS do?

NMIS monitors the status and performance of an organization's IT environment, assists in rectification and identification of faults and provides valuable information for IT departments to plan expenditure and IT changes.